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The systems responsible for producing children’s health in our country are deeply flawed.

Far too many children in our society do not achieve their optimal health. The United States is consistently among the worst performing of all developed nations on common indicators of well-being for children. Among 30 industrialized nations, we have the:

Committed professionals and organizations in every state, county, city and town across the US are working hard every day to make things better for children and families. But improvement is hard. Making meaningful and sustainable improvement requires a disciplined approach for leveraging existing knowledge, exploring new ideas, and engaging a broad community of learners. It requires dedication, science, innovation and collaboration.

That’s Where NICHQ Comes In

NICHQ (pronounced "nitch-cue") is dedicated to the mission of improving children’s health. We achieve this mission by helping others who are similarly dedicated – typically healthcare professionals and delivery organizations, foundations, government agencies, and community organizations – achieve breakthrough improvements for children and families. NICHQ is an invaluable resource for these organizations and professionals as experts in the "How" and the "What" to improve for children’s health.

How We Improve

NICHQ brings a unique set of “how to” skills to catalyze improvement for children and families.  We are experts in:

Our Areas of Focus

NICHQ's "special sauce" is that we combine expert "how to" skill with deep content knowledge. With a broad emphasis on population health and on advancing health equity for children and families, we organize ourselves and focus our energies around three high leverage areas. Children need all three of these to achieve optimal health:

A Strong Start

First, we need to make sure children get off to a healthy start. So we improve infant health by, for example, reducing infant mortality, ensuring appropriate follow-up after infant screening and improving maternity practices to support breastfeeding.
Quality Care

Next, we want to ensure that the healthcare system effectively addresses the needs of all children and their families. So we improve systems of care by promoting the patient and family-centered medical home model and redesigning care for children and youth with special healthcare needs.
Healthy Living

And lastly, recognizing that much of a child’s health is determined outside the healthcare system, we bridge health and healthcare by improving healthy living practices, policies and conditions. For example, we focus not only on effective treatment for obesity, but also on advancing prevention via interventions in the public health and community arenas.


NICHQ exists to help children and families be healthier.

  • We do this by leveraging relationships with others committed to the same mission.
  • We are experts in “how to” improve.
  • We apply those skills to the areas that matter most for improving children’s health.

This is our theory of change, our strategy for improving the lives of children and families. Every day brings new progress and the promise of a brighter future for all children.

Changing The World?

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You bet. Learn more about NICHQ's impact on the world and the people at NICHQ who make it happen in our 2015 Impact Brochure and Video.

About NICHQ's New Logo

NICHQ’s new logo is both professional and playful. It reflects our work: we are very serious about improving children’s health, but always mindful that children are at the heart of all we do. The font is modern, strong, unpretentious and friendly. The colors are bright and bold, but not overpowering.

NICHQ logo

The design of the “Q” brings to mind the image of a child drawing with a marker or crayon, reflecting the youthful spirit of the children whose lives we aim to improve. Most importantly, it focuses attention on our area of expertise — Quality Improvement — and its unsettled design symbolizes the constant inquiry, curiosity, evolution and change that characterize improvement science, our organization and our work. Like the continuous improvement journey, the “Q” is never finished.