Julius Anastasio

Julius Anastasio, MS

Focus: Designing, implementing, synthesizing and sharing activities that capture NICHQ’s work and outcomes

Previous Work: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston Public Schools, Ithaca City School District

Activities of Choice: Playing with my daughter, martial arts

Fun Fact: I like to do handstands in my kitchen

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Ashidah Baker

Ashidah Baker

Human Resources Manager
Focus: Responsible for managing all Human Resources operations and processes at NICHQ.

Previous Work: Allen Associates, The Morphic Group, Kroc Center

Activities of choice: Reading, spending time with my daughter, acting, theater

Fun fact: I almost went on The Real World reality TV show

David Boyer

David Boyer

IT Project Manager
Focus: Technology solutions that further the mission of our organization

Previous Work: Peace Corps (Ghana 2010–12), Fusion Productions

Activities of choice: Volleyball, bicycling, being a dad, drawing

Fun fact: Fell out of a plane over Maui and survived

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Erin Ellingwood

Erin Ellingwood

Online Systems Administrator
Focus: Keeping all of NICHQ's online systems running smoothly so users have the best experience possible

Previous Work: Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston University

Activities of Choice: Yoga, skiing, gardening, crochet, crafting and web design

Fun Fact: I’ve been swimming with wild sting rays—and kissed one!

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Elissa Faro

Elissa Faro, PhD

Senior Analyst
Focus: Research and knowledge management, sickle cell disease, infant mortality

Previous Work: Dartmouth College, Brown University

Activities of Choice: Cooking, walking my dog

Fun Fact: I am also an Aegean Bronze Age archaeologist

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Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar

Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar, MPH

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Improving birth outcomes, maternal and child well being

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics

Activities of Choice: Running, cooking and reading

Fun Fact: My goal is to go on a cross-country trip that maps out the best spots to eat!

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Kelley Devlin

Kelley Devlin, MPH, RD

Project Manager
Focus: Maternal and child health, children with special healthcare needs

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Southwest Community Health Center, Yale New Haven Hospital & City of Waterbury WIC programs

Activity of Choice: Yoga, visiting the ocean

Fun Fact: I’m a dietitian who loves dessert!

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Tricia Finnerty

Patricia Finnerty, MSc

Improvement Advisor & Associate Project Director
Focus: Sickle cell disease, newborn screening and follow-up, improvement science

Previous Work: Tourette Syndrome Association, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Activity of Choice: Swimming

Fun Fact: I’m an avid baker and want to open a food truck in my spare time 617-391-2741
Josh Grant

Josh Grant

Communications Manager
Focus: Teach our audience what we’re working on to improve the health of children

Previous Work: Brafton, TechTarget, Cayan 

Activity of Choice: Reading and traveling
Elaine Fitzgerald

Elaine Fitzgerald, DrPH, MIA

Project Director
Focus: Building provider and system capacity to improve infant feeding practices and birth outcomes, particularly among vulnerable populations

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Stonington Institute, Building Blocks Early Childhood System of Care, UNICEF, US Coast Guard

Activities of Choice: Piano, reading, full-body workouts, hiking, being on the water

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over three dozen countries professionally and personally 617-391-2745
Katherine Flaherty

Katherine Flaherty, ScD

Strategic Development Consultant

Focus: Consulting on business development

Previous Work: Abt Associates, Partners HealthCare System and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH)

Emma Hopkinson

Emma Hopkinson

Project Specialist
Focus: Supporting breastfeeding project and direct support to the Chief Health Officer and the Director of Programs

Previous Work: Softcard, GE Capital, University of Denver

Activities of Choice: Skiing, cooking, traveling, trying to speak Spanish and anything having to do with salt water or the beach

Fun Fact: I dislocated my shoulder playing rugby with the locals in Fiji and then reset it myself!

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Cindy Hutter

Cindy Hutter, MBA

Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology
Focus: Helping to expand NICHQ's reach, enhance our reputation and inspire actions by our target audiences that advance our mission

Previous work: Cambridge Associates, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Metro Newspaper, Herald Community Newspapers

Activities of choice: Softball, tennis, time with family, watching bad reality TV (e.g., Dance Moms), traveling

Fun fact: I frequently dress my newborn up in funny costumes and make her pose for photos

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Leah Jardine

Leah Jardine, MA

Project Manager
Focus: Breastfeeding and reducing vision impairment

Previous Work: Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Activities of Choice: Traveling, spending time with my dog, trying new restaurants, triathlons

Fun fact: While living in Thailand, I was a guest of honor at a local parade. I wore traditional Thai clothing and makeup and walked the entire parade route in shoes that were two sizes too small.  617-391-2719
Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson, MSc

Director of Programs
Focus: Assuring consistent delivery of NICHQ programs to achieve a high level of performance and deliver results

Previous Work: The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston Public Schools

Activity of Choice: Spending time with my family

Fun Fact: I grew up in Corning, NY, which is home of Corningware and Pyrex

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David Jurkowitz

David Jurkowitz, MS

Accounting Specialist
Focus: Project accounting and cash management

Previous Work: Textbook Editor Houghton Mifflin, Elementary Teacher Belmont, Finance Manager Arlington Enrichment Collaborative

Activity of Choice: Hiking in the White Mountains

Fun Fact: I have fly-fished above the Arctic Circle in Norway

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Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine, MS

Senior Analyst
Focus: Evaluating efforts to reduce infant mortality and increase breastfeeding.

Previous Work: Evaluated informal educational programs, oversaw evaluation of effort to improve nutrition and exercise among low-income, postpartum women

Activities of Choice: Spending time with my family and being outdoors – biking, hiking, boating & the ocean!

Fun Fact: I am a life-long resident of the Boston area and was delighted to attend Game 2 of the 2007 World Series


Tatiana Lewis

Office Coordinator and Assistant to the CEO
Focus: Support for NICHQ's employees and office operations

Previous Work: Society for Organizational Learning, Jenzabar

Activities of Choice: Traveling, volleyball, music festivals, the beach

Fun Fact: I have a hashtag dedicated to my cooking and plating skills
Sue Lowcock

Sue Lowcock

Development Manager
Focus: Development activities

Previous Work: Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Activities of Choice: Being outdoors, watching cooking shows

Fun Fact: I met my husband on a dragon boat

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2793
Michael Mazloff

Michael Mazloff

Interim Director of Development

Focus: Implementation of the business development process including research, grant writing and the development of new opportunities for collaboration

Previous Work: JRI Health, Health Awareness Services, Baystate Medical Center, private consulting

Activities of Choice: Hiking, skiing, kayaking, volunteering for international service organizations, playing with my grandkids

Fun Fact: I’m an organic gardener, and my ambition is to replace my lawn with gardens

Katrina McCarty

Katrina McCarty, MPA

Senior Manager, Operations

Focus: Guiding grants and contract administration and compliance to help further NICHQ’s mission and vision

Previous Work: Development, finance, and policy at local nonprofits and state government

Activities of Choice: Getting outside, theatre and arts, experiencing the world through the eyes of my young daughter

Fun Fact: If I could choose another career it would be theatrical lighting design. I did it in college and love color and electricity!

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Ed Moller

Ed Moller, CPA, MST

Director of Finance
Focus: Continually enhance NICHQ's financial reporting systems and work closely with operating management to develop and maintain program budgets and ensure projects stay on track.

Previous Work: Coles and Bodoin CPAs, InterSystems, City of Boston, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Mount Ida College

Activities of Choice: Hockey—I have season tickets to Boston University hockey (go Terriers!) and I attend the NCAA Frozen Four every year

Fun Fact: I lent a copy of the Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior to a friend, and she never returned it
Aviel Peaceman

Aviel Peaceman, MPH

Project Specialist

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center

Activities of Choice: Cooking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: I won the 2013 Fluff Fest baking contest for best traditional use of fluff in a recipe

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Heather Scudellari Hallgren

Heather Scudellari Hallgren

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Pediatric medical home, infant mortality

Previous Work: Associate producer at Powderhouse Productions

Activities of Choice: Any outdoor activity (running, biking, hiking, skiing…the list is long), home improvements, drawing/crafting, traveling

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 15 countries with family and friends

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2720
Sabrina Selk

Sabrina Selk, ScD

Associate Director of Applied Research & Evaluation

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health

Activities of Choice: Reading, travel, watching movies, trying new things with my family

Fun Fact: According to Good Reads, I averaged 201.6 books read annually over the past three years!

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Emma Smizik

Emma Smizik, MPH

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Pediatric medical home

Previous work: Facing History and Ourselves, Teachers for Healthy Kids

Activities of choice: Cooking/baking, gym workouts, yoga

Fun fact: I live in Northern California with my husband and son 617-391-2700
Jennifer Ustianov

Jennifer Ustianov, MS, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Senior Director
Focus: Breastfeeding, infant mortality, perinatal outcomes

Previous work: Lactation consultant. Maternal/Infant Nurse

Activities of choice: Biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, gardening, knitting, baking

Fun fact: I'm a Canadian imported to Vermont and in the middle of eight siblings 617-391-2758