Julius Anastasio

Julius Anastasio, MS

Focus: Designing, implementing, synthesizing and sharing activities that capture NICHQ’s work and outcomes

Previous Work: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston Public Schools, Ithaca City School District

Activities of Choice: Playing with my daughter, martial arts

Fun Fact: I like to do handstands in my kitchen

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2716
David Boyer

David Boyer

IT Project Manager
Focus: Technology solutions that further the mission of our organization

Previous Work: Peace Corps (Ghana 2010–12), Fusion Productions

Activities of choice: Volleyball, bicycling, being a dad, drawing

Fun fact: Fell out of a plane over Maui and survived

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Alma Carver

Alma Carver, MS

Project Manager
Focus: Breastfeeding, infant health

Previous Work: World Health Organization

Activities of Choice: Hiking, yoga, laughing, traveling

Fun Fact: I spent 15 months living in Italy to complete my Master’s degree

NICHQ on Twitter NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2759
Sarah Donohue-Rolfe

Sarah Donohue-Rolfe

Project Manager
Focus: Breastfeeding, infant health

Previous Work: Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education

Activities of Choice: Exploring, reading, attempting to cook

Fun Fact: My goal is to visit all seven continents (so far I’ve gone to four). Antarctica, here I come!

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2719
Scott Dynes

Scott Dynes

Senior Data and Technology Strategist
Focus: Enabling evidence-based discussions and decisions through data collection, analysis and presentation within the NICHQ community; thinking about how to best change behaviors

Previous Work: The Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, Dartmouth College, MIT

Activities of Choice: Skiing, watching football (go, Pats!), having sing-a longs with my kids, sailing, photography, being places other than where I am

Fun Fact: I used to be a rocket scientist

Erin Ellingwood

Erin Ellingwood

Digital Services Manager
Focus: Finding the best technologies (new or not-so-new!) to support NICHQ’s mission and work

Previous Work: Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston University

Activities of Choice: Yoga, skiing, gardening, crochet, crafting and web design

Fun Fact: I’ve been swimming with wild sting rays—and kissed one!

NICHQ on Twitter NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2712
Elissa Faro

Elissa Faro, PhD

Senior Research and Knowledge Manager
Focus: Research and knowledge management, sickle cell disease, infant mortality

Previous Work: Dartmouth College, Brown University

Activities of Choice: Cooking, walking my dog

Fun Fact: I am also an Aegean Bronze Age archaeologist

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2709
Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar

Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar, MPH

Project Manager
Focus: Improving birth outcomes, maternal and child well being

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics

Activities of Choice: Running, cooking and reading

Fun Fact: My goal is to go on a cross-country trip that maps out the best spots to eat!

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2700
Tricia Finnerty

Patricia Finnerty, MSc

Associate Project Director
Focus: Sickle cell disease, newborn screening and follow-up, improvement science

Previous Work: Tourette Syndrome Association, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Activity of Choice: Swimming

Fun Fact: I’m an avid baker and want to open a food truck in my spare time 617-391-2741
Elaine Fitzgerald

Elaine Fitzgerald, DrPH, MIA

Project Director
Focus: Building provider and system capacity to improve infant feeding practices and birth outcomes, particularly among vulnerable populations

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Stonington Institute, Building Blocks Early Childhood System of Care, UNICEF, US Coast Guard

Activities of Choice: Piano, reading, full-body workouts, hiking, being on the water

Fun fact: I have traveled to over three dozen countries professionally and personally 617-391-2745
Emma Hopkinson

Emma Hopkinson

Project and Administrative Coordinator
Focus: Supporting breastfeeding project and direct support to the Chief Health Officer and the Director of Programs

Previous Work: Softcard, GE Capital, University of Denver

Activities of Choice: Skiing, cooking, traveling, trying to speak Spanish and anything having to do with salt water or the beach

Fun Fact: I dislocated my shoulder playing rugby with the locals in Fiji and then reset it myself!

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2700
Cindy Hutter

Cindy Hutter, MBA

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Focus: Helping to expand NICHQ's reach, enhance our reputation and inspire actions by our target audiences that advance our mission

Previous work: Cambridge Associates, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Metro Newspaper, Herald Community Newspapers

Activities of choice: Softball, tennis, time with family, watching bad reality TV (e.g., Dance Moms), traveling

Fun fact: I frequently dress my newborn up in funny costumes and make her pose for photos

NICHQ on Twitter NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2757
Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson, MSc

Associate Director of Programs
Focus: Breastfeeding promotion, leadership development, autism spectrum disorder, access to care

Previous Work: The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston Public Schools

Activity of Choice: Spending time with my family

Fun Fact: I grew up in Corning, NY, which is home of Corningware and Pyrex

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2748
David Jurkowitz

David Jurkowitz, MS

Accounting Specialist
Focus: Project accounting and cash management

Previous Work: Textbook Editor Houghton Mifflin, Elementary Teacher Belmont, Finance Manager Arlington Enrichment Collaborative

Activity of Choice: Hiking in the White Mountains

Fun Fact: I have fly-fished above the Arctic Circle in Norway

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2754
Tamar Kaim

Tamar Kaim, MA

Director of Business Development
Focus: Pursuing new opportunities for NICHQ to partner with others to improve children’s health

Previous work: Immigrant, refugee and minority health; mental health research; international conflict resolution

Activities of choice: Hiking in mountains, eating good food (preferably cooked by somebody else) with people I love

Fun fact: My family comes from five different continents and I’ve lived in five different countries 617-391-2751
Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine

Senior Analyst
Focus: Evaluating efforts to reduce infant mortality and increase breastfeeding.

Previous Work: Evaluated informal educational programs, oversaw evaluation of effort to improve nutrition and exercise among low-income, postpartum women

Activities of Choice: Spending time with my family and being outdoors – biking, hiking, boating & the ocean!

Fun Fact: I am a life-long resident of the Boston area and was delighted to attend Game 2 of the 2007 World Series

Sue Lowcock

Sue Lowcock

Development Manager
Focus: Development activities

Previous Work: Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Activities of Choice: Being outdoors, watching cooking shows

Fun Fact: I met my husband on a dragon boat

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2793
Elisa Mai

Elisa Mai

Project Manager and Grant Specialist
Focus: Children with special healthcare needs, sickle cell disease

Previous Work: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SafeHouse Center

Activities of Choice: Reading, cooking, traveling, sleeping

Fun Fact: I have a knack for taking adorable cat photos

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2699
Alex Martin

Alex Martin

Online Community Manager
Focus: Social media, content and community-building to further advance NICHQ’s brand and mission

Previous Work: Editor, social engagement manager at the Silicon Valley Business Journal; new media specialist at the Record-Journal Publishing Company, social media/content marketing consultant for small businesses

Activities of Choice: Going to UConn games, sports and fitness, traveling, spending time with friends and family, grilling and cooking as well as far too many fantasy sports leagues

Fun Fact: I’ve driven across the country twice

NICHQ on Twitter NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2721
Katrina McCarty

Katrina McCarty, MPA

Grants and Contracts Manager

Focus: Guiding grants and contract administration and compliance to help further NICHQ’s mission and vision

Previous Work: Development, finance, and policy at local nonprofits and state government

Activities of Choice: Getting outside, theatre and arts, experiencing the world through the eyes of my young daughter

Fun Fact: If I could choose another career it would be theatrical lighting design. I did it in college and love color and electricity!

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Marianne McPherson

Marianne McPherson, PhD, MS

Senior Director of Programs, Research and Evaluation
Focus: Capturing, synthesizing and sharing NICHQ’s results; promoting our work in the scientific community; developing and sharing new methods; leading NICHQ’s innovation work

Previous Work: Goodman Research Group, Inc., Ibis Reproductive Health, Our Bodies Ourselves

Activities of Choice: Skiing, watching football (go, Pats!), having sing-a longs with my kids

Fun Fact: I have a knack for memorizing song lyrics

NICHQ on Twitter NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2710
Shela Merchant

Shela Merchant, MA

Project Manager
Focus: Sickle cell disease, early childhood development

Previous Work: Research in developmental screening for primary care

Activities of Choice: Trying new recipes, exploring New England

Fun Fact: I like to experiment with the occasional uncommon vegetable (think kohlrabi and spaghetti squash)

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2705
Tracy Munro

Tracy Munro

Operations Manager and Executive Assistant
Focus: Support NICHQ operations and day-to-day office management, provide administrative support to our executive team and business development team.

Previous work: Yellowspot Design, House of Blues, Inc.

Activities of choice: Cooking, live music shows, crime drama marathons, traveling, getting caught walking in the rain with my daughter and splashing the puddles

Fun fact: I am a pitbull advocate and animal rescue volunteer, educating children how to train and work with dogs safely 617-391-2714
Dr. Suzette Oyeku

Suzette Oyeku MD, MPH

Strategic Project Director and Physician Champion
Focus: Sickle cell disease, health disparities, quality improvement and health services research, dissemination and sharing of results, providing primary care to children and youth with special health care needs. Also the Associate Division Chief for Academic Affairs in the Division of General Pediatrics at Montefiore Medical Center.

Previous work: Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center

Activities of Choice: Traveling, volunteering at my church/community, enjoying Broadway shows, watching basketball, tennis and soccer

Fun fact: Native New Yorker and I’m a gastronome (a lover of good food) 617-391-2700
Aviel Peaceman

Aviel Peaceman, MPH

Project Specialist

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center

Activities of Choice: Cooking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: I won the 2013 Fluff Fest baking contest for best traditional use of fluff in a recipe

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Heather Scudellari

Heather Scudellari

Project Manager
Focus: Pediatric medical home, infant mortality

Previous Work: Associate producer at Powderhouse Productions

Activities of Choice: Any outdoor activity (running, biking, hiking, skiing…the list is long), home improvements, drawing/crafting, traveling

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 15 countries with family and friends

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2720
Sabrina Selk

Sabrina Selk, ScD

Senior Analyst

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health

Activities of Choice: Reading, travel, watching movies, trying new things with my family

Fun Fact: According to Good Reads, I averaged 201.6 books read annually over the past three years!

NICHQ on LinkedIn

Jonathan Small

Jonathan Small, MBA

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Focus: Inspiring external audiences to help NICHQ achieve its mission

Previous Work: Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, General Foods Corporation

Activities of Choice: Biking and hiking, hanging out with my family

Fun Fact: I can eat an apple while juggling

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2729
Dr. Lauren Smith

Lauren A. Smith, MD, MPH

Executive Project Director

Focus: Facilitate collaboration among external partners, state and federal government leaders to support the success of the Infant Mortality CoIIN project, lead the strategic advisory committee, and incorporate the perspective of public health and clinical leaders into the project.

Previous Work: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Medical-Legal Partnership for Children, Boston University School of Medicine

Activities of Choice: Hot yoga, cooking gourmet meals, sitting on lacrosse and soccer field sidelines and basketball court bleachers, reading both fiction and non-fiction

Fun Fact: I am very proud of growing up in Maryland and make a mean crab cake!


Emma Smizik, MPH

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Pediatric medical home

Previous work: Facing History and Ourselves, Teachers for Healthy Kids

Activities of choice: Cooking/baking, gym workouts, yoga

Fun fact: I live in Northern California with my husband and son 617-391-2700

Jennifer Ustianov, MS, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Senior Director
Focus: Breastfeeding, infant mortality, perinatal outcomes

Previous work: Lactation consultant. Maternal/Infant Nurse

Activities of choice: Biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, gardening, knitting, baking

Fun fact: I'm a Canadian imported to Vermont and in the middle of eight siblings 617-391-2758
Kate Vaughan

Kate Vaughan, MSW

Associate Project Director

Focus: Sickle cell disease, coaching and technical assistance, virtual engagements, policy advocacy, communications for social change

Previous work: FrameWorks Institute, Health Care For All, MA House of Representatives

Activities of choice: Chasing my children, yoga

Fun Fact: I live in Dublin, Ireland

NICHQ on LinkedIn

Melissa Wojcik

Melissa Wojcik, SPHR

Director of Operations and Human Resources
Focus: Maintaining NICHQ's positive, efficient and cost effective working environment

Previous Work: Mc|K Healthcare, Palio+Ignite, Lowe Healthcare, American International College

Activities of Choice: Hiking, yoga, baking, knitting, playing with my awesome family and cat

Fun Fact: My Polish heritage is very important to me and I travel to Poland as often as possible to explore the different regions of the country.

NICHQ on Twitter Melissa on LinkedIn 617-391-2703