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In April 2010, the team selected its focus areas for policy, environment, and systems change (PES). Within each of the three areas of focus, the team identified opportunities to incorporate physical activity aspects, nutrition, city/hospital/health department policy, and system changes. The overall aim was to establish a healthy culture in Brewton and East Brewton, starting with a specific project that can link to other coordinated efforts.

Policy Focus

  • Establishing community gardens and farmers’ markets (access to healthy food)
  • Increasing physical activity venues (safe areas to be active, improve the built environment)
  • Creating a community center (support services)


A customized version of the Be Our Voice Advocacy Resouce Guide was developed to assist in training local advocates. Local government structures and processes, data, media resources, and other grantees specific to Alabama are included.


  • Date: 6/5/10
  • Location: YMCA in Brewton, AL
  • Advocates Trained: 39 (16 healthcare professionals)
  • Professions Represented: Physicians, Nurses, Dietitians, Health Educators, City Leaders, Academia Representatives, Recreation Specialists, Business Leaders, Volunteers, State Legislator