New Mexico

State-wide and Local Initiatives Focused on American Indian Populations

About the Project:

New Mexico will be targeting healthcare professionals who serve the American Indian (Native American/Indigenous) population. The team will be balancing statewide collaboration with supporting local policy efforts. At present, the New Mexico team is working to gain buy-in and support from tribal communities. The advocacy training will be coupled with the New Mexico Pediatric Society's annual Wylder lecture. New Mexico aims to train and engage 20 healthcare professionals in the fight against childhood obesity in American Indian children and teens.



Key Data:

  • Population: 1,984,356
  • American Indian Population: 205,167
  • Indian Tribes: 22 total; 19 Pueblos, 1 Apache (Jicarilla Apache Nation and Mescalero Apache Tribe), and the Navajo Nation
  • Unhealthy Weight: According to the Indian Health Service Clinical Reporting System: 45-51% of children and youth are not a healthy weight

Policy Focus:

A team retreat is scheduled for early May 2010 to discuss the main goal of the project, how to enhance the RWJF curriculum, and how to present the advocacy issue/focus to tribal council leaders (Pueblo) and the Navajo Nation.





Project Lead: Chenoa Bah Stilwell-Jensen, MS
Envision New Mexico

NICHQ: Jenna Williams, Project Manager


Customized Advocacy Resource Guide:

A customized version of the Be Our Voice guide has been developed to assist in training local advocates. Local government structures and processes, data, media resources, and other grantees specific to New Mexico are included. Download the New Mexico Advocacy Resource Guide (PDF).

Local Training:

June 4, 2010--Built into the agenda at the Wylder Lecture (annual NM Pediatric Society conference)