Resource Guide for Healthcare Professionals Interested in Advocating for Children's Health

“Physician action begins in the examination room. Measuring patient BMI at every well-child visit is essential, along with evidence-based prevention assessment, and treatment strategies...however, physician action must extend beyond the examination room.”

-- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Chief Executive, Risa Lavizzo-Moure, MD

Have you or someone you know ever:

  • Attempted to bike to work, only to feel it was unsafe?
  • Attempted a walk where there were no sidewalks?
  • Sought out fresh produce or unprocessed foods only to find fried and processed foods were the only affordable or available choices?

If so, then pick up the mantle of community advocacy and begin your work today. Experts across the healthcare community from the Institute of Medicine to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have advocated that Healthcare Professionals step outside the confines of the workplace and begin work within their communities.

The Advocacy Resource Guide (PDF) and Advocacy Toolbox (PDF) are designed to assist healthcare professionals to take a stand in their communities and workplaces to advocate for healthy eating and active living for children and their families. Whatever your level of time commitment, know that every effort you make is improving the health and wellbeing of children and families in your local area.

Use this Guide to get started with your advocacy and later to update your advocacy plan, identify new policy opportunities or strengthen your media communications. There are many ways for you as a Healthcare Professional to use your expertise and experience to make a difference in the community advocacy arena. This Resource Guide will provide you with the knowledge and resources to make this happen.