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Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight
Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up
Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month ribbon Childhood Obesity Awareness Month ribbon

NICHQ Celebrates

Childhood Obesity
Awareness Month

September 2013

NICHQ is joining with organizations around the country to celebrate the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September. We invite you to explore our resources, stories, videos and other materials related to improving healthy weight in children and teenagers.

Childhood obesity is a national health epidemic. Millions of children in the country are overweight or obese, raising their risk for a host of serious health problems. Many efforts and organizations are working to help communities, families and healthcare providers improve systems that help children exercise and eat healthier. Due to these efforts, the rates of childhood obesity are slowing down or reversing in some areas (1). But there’s still a lot of work to do!

We invite you to read on to learn about ways some communities are using quality improvement techniques to fight childhood obesity. And be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for updates on childhood obesity prevention.

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The Big Picnic

​​Show your support for fighting childhood obesity and have fun at the same time by participating in The Big Picnic on September 22. Hosted by ChopChop magazine, The Big Picnic is a one-of-a-kind, virtual community picnic in which families across the country will cook together (for their own picnics) and share their photos or videos. This event is meant to inspire families and show them just how fun and important cooking real food together is.


Fighting Obesity with Local Solutions

Video Summary: The Collaborate for Healthy Weight project brings together locals who work in primary care, public health and community organizations. Ten teams across the country have developed collaborative solutions to improve the health of their communities. Hear three of their stories.

Stronger Partnerships, Healthier Futures

Video Summary: Collaborate for Healthy Weight is a national initiative where primary care providers, public health professionals, and leaders of community-based organizations are working together as never before, using quality improvement methods to reverse the obesity epidemic in communities across the country.


NICHQ has many evidence-based resources for healthcare professionals and community members tackling childhood obesity in their areas.

Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training Course
This course is an interactive online advocacy training program that teaches healthcare professionals how to advocate for obesity prevention policies that support healthy, active living for children in their communities.
View Resource

Healthy Weight Collaborative Action Kit
An action kit designed to help spread the lessons learned from the Healthy Weight Collaborative to those interested in making change in their communities.
View Resource

Joining Forces for Healthier Communities
This report presents examples of how the multi-disciplinary teams from Phase 1 of the Collaborate for Healthy Weight project carried out their work with creativity, commitment and shared passion for improving the health of their communities.
View Resource

Building Healthier Communities
This report about how healthcare professionals participating in the Be Our Voice project are fighting childhood obesity outside the clinic walls.
View Resource [PDF]

Advocacy Resource Guide and Toolbox
A guide with resources to train and equip healthcare professionals to become policy advocates to improve the health of their communities.
View Guide [PDF]
View Toolbox [PDF]

Expert Committee Recommendations on the Assessment, Prevention and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity: An Implementation Guide from the Childhood Obesity Action Network
A guide designed for healthcare professionals to accelerate improvement in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.
View Resource

Healthy Care for Healthy Kids Toolkit
A toolkit provides tools for primary care practice teams to deliver coordinated, integrated, and multidisciplinary services to both prevent overweight and improve care for children who are already overweight or at risk for overweight.
View Resource

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Making a Difference: Success Stories

Teams that have or are participating in NICHQ quality improvement projects have had success in making a difference. Read some of their success stories below.

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NICHQ has worked on many projects fighting childhood obesity. Learn more below and on our obesity projects page.

  • Be Our Voice was a project engaging healthcare professionals as the voice of children in the fight against childhood obesity, ensuring that this collective voice is heard by legislators who make and enforce the rules and regulations that affect children's health.
  • Collaborate for Healthy Weight was a multi-sector project bringing together public health, primary care and community-based organizations at the local, state, and national level for the promotion of healthy weight and health equity in the US.
  • e-Plans to Promote Healthy Weight was a project enhancing the capabilities of electronic health records to include healthy weight plans.
  • Healthy Care for Healthy Kids Learning Collaborative was a project reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity by enabling primary care practices, through environmental and policy changes, to prevent, indentify and treat childhood overweight.
  • Mass in Motion Kids is a project reducing childhood obesity in two communities in Massachusetts by focusing on making changes in children’s environments, as well as policy changes.
  • National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative is a project spreading sustainable policy and practice improvements in early care and education (ECE) programs to prevent childhood obesity.

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Other Work

In addition to our projects, NICHQ has brought together thousands of healthcare professionals to share knowledge and best practices around obesity prevention and treatment.

  • The Childhood Obesity Action Network is a web-based national network of healthcare professionals, quality improvement leaders, childhood obesity experts and child health advocates dedicated to eradicating obesity.
  • The Obesity National Advisory Council (NAC) is a group of national experts who bring unique knowledge, skills, and connections to aid NICHQ in accelerating improvement in childhood obesity prevention and treatment.

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