Children's Health

Focusing on High Leverage Areas

NICHQ’s vision is for all children to achieve their optimal health. This is a complex, multidimensional challenge. To keep us aligned with the highest leverage opportunities, we focus our energies on the three areas we believe are most critical for ensuring children’s health.


    A Strong Start

    First, we need to make sure children get off to a healthy start. So we improve infant health by, for example, reducing infant mortality, ensuring appropriate follow-up after infant screening and improving maternity practices to support breastfeeding.


    Quality Care

    Next, we want to ensure that the healthcare system effectively addresses the needs of all children and their families. So we improve systems of care by promoting the patient and family-centered medical home model and redesigning care for children and youth with special healthcare needs.


    Healthy Living

    And lastly, recognizing that much of a child’s health is determined outside the healthcare system, we bridge health and healthcare by improving healthy living practices, policies and conditions. For example, we focus not only on effective treatment for obesity, but also on advancing prevention via interventions in the public health and community arenas.