Improving Systems to Support Quality Healthcare for Children and Youth in New York State

Status: Complete

WHAT: A project designed to enhance the clinical quality in New York State’s school-based health centers by teaching health center and state health department staff how to support, spread and sustain quality improvement initiatives. The project’s initial work focused on children’s healthcare, specifically asthma care, physical exams and the prevention and treatment of obesity.

WHO: The project involved 24 school-based health centers in New York State.

WHEN: March 2009 to April 2010

FUNDER: This project was funded by the New York State Department of Health.

OUR ROLE: Provided training on how to use the Model for Improvement to make and spread improvements. Also, NICHQ designed a comprehensive measurement strategy for the New York State Department of Health to use to track the progress of its school-based health center project.

Children getting a workout in gym class

Improving Health in Schools

Because this project was focused on the larger issue of enhancing healthcare for children and youth in schools, the work spanned several child health topics: asthma, obesity and school-based healthcare.