Improvement Projects

Through dozens of projects over the past 15 years, NICHQ has helped organization and professionals who share our mission make breakthrough improvements so children and families live healthier lives. Below is a listing of our projects by topic. Learn more about each project by clicking on the project name. Learn more about NICHQ's work in the topic area by clicking the topic name.

ADHD Learning Collaborative
PPOC Quality Improvement Initiative

Asthma Childhood Project
Asthma Jump-Start
California Plan/Practice Improvement Project (PPIP)
Collaborative to Improve Asthma Care for Children
Collaborative to Improve Health Care for Asthma and Depression
Collaborative to Improve Preventive Care and Care for Children with Asthma
Evaluating a Quality Improvement Strategy (EQUIS) on Asthma Project
Florida Learning and Action Network (LAN) and Asthma Care Team (ACT) Programs
Helping Improve Pediatric Practice Outcomes (HIPPO) Asthma Study
Quality Healthcare for Children and Youth in NYS

Autism Intervention Research Network
Collaborative to Improve Care for Children with Autism

Best Fed Beginnings
Indiana Breastfeeding Initiative
New York State Breastfeeding Quality Improvement Hospital Collaborative
Texas Breastfeeding Collaborative

Early Childhood Health
Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems CoIIN

Awareness and Access to Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy
American Academy of Pediatrics - Children and Youth with Epilepsy Evaluation
Improving Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs

Foster Care
Improving Health Care for Children in Foster Care

New Jersey Improving Preventive Services Project (NJIPSP)
New York City Immunization Improvement Spread Project

Infant Health
CoIIN to Reduce Infant Mortality
Collaborative to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes in Vermont
Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes: Developmental Impact of NICU Exposures (ECHO DINE)
Healthy Babies Care Quality Collaborative Los Angeles Healthy Babies Network
HRSA Perinatal & Patient Safety Pilot Health Disparities Collaborative
Neonatal Outcomes Improvement Project
New York State Maternal and Child Health Collaboratives
New York State Perinatal Quality Collaborative Neonatal Enteral Nutrition Project
New York State Perinatal Quality Collaborative Obstetrical Improvement Project
NewSTEPs 360: Improving Timeliness of Newborn Screening Diagnosis

Medical Home
California Medical Education Collaborative
CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home
CHIPRA Technical Assistance and Analytic Support Program
Implementing a Learning Collaborative on the Medical Home for Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Improving Cultural Competency in Children's Primary Health Care
Spread of the Medical Home Concept (2004-05)
Tulsa Children's Project

Mental and Social-Emotional Health
Promoting Optimal Child Development
Reaching Children Initiative Post 9/11 through Primary Care Clinician Training in Mental Health

Newborn Hearing Screening
Improving Follow-Up to Newborn Hearing Screening by Working Through the Medical Home
Improving Hearing Screening & Intervention Systems (IHSIS)

Accelerating Improvement in Childhood Obesity
Be Our Voice
Collaborate for Healthy Weight
Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment (CHOPT) Projects
Delaware Primary Care Initiative on Childhood Overweight
e-Plans to Promote Healthy Weight
Greater Rochester Obesity Collaborative
Healthy Care for Healthy Kids
Let's Go! Maine Evaluation
Maine Youth Obesity Collaborative
Mass in Motion Kids
Overcoming Childhood Obesity Through Advocacy: Embolden, Equip and Mobilize Healthcare Professionals

Oral Health
Early Childhood Caries Collaborative

School-Based Healthcare
Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative
Improving Systems to Support Quality Health Care for Children and Youth in New York State

Sickle Cell Disease
Improving Sickle Cell Transitions of Care through Health Information Technology
Sickle Cell Disease Newborn Screening Program
Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Demonstration Program
Working to Improve Sickle Cell Healthcare (WISCH)

Spina Bifida
Building the Foundation for Collaborative Learning and Research for Persons with Spina Bifida

Vision and Eye Health
Improving Children’s Vision: Systems, Stakeholders & Support

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Projects Through the Years

Since its founding in 1999, NICHQ has led over 50 projects to improve children's health. These projects span 20 different topics within our three primary areas of focus: strong start, quality care and healthy living.

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