How We Improve

Catalyzing Improvement

NICHQ is a catalyst for improvement. For nearly two decades, we have been mobilizing the best people and ideas into successful strategies, valued resources, and practical solutions to improve children’s health. We have led dozens of improvement projects, worked with thousands of practitioners, professionals and community leaders, and improved the lives of countless children and their families. How can we help you?


Improvement is our business. It’s what we do. Professionals and organizations who share our mission turn to us for our expertise in the “How” and the “What” to improve for children’s health. We provide this help through a unique combination of skills and capacities.



While we celebrate small successes, ultimately we aim to improve health for all children. NICHQ’s valued resources codify best practice knowledge, capture proven approaches and tools, and enable the rapid spread of successful ideas.


Case Studies

We share our mission with other professionals and organizations who are similarly dedicated. Together we achieve breakthrough improvements so children and families live healthier lives. Here are a few of examples of NICHQ in action.



Data measurement and tracking is at the heart of any improvement project. After all, "you can't improve what you can't measure." We invite you to explore the data from several of our projects and see improvement outcomes by the numbers. 



We work with a wide variety of organizations and individuals spanning different geographic locations, industry sectors and areas of interest. But we all have one thing in common: a strong dedication to improving children's health. Read more >>

Success Stories

Improvement is a journey and for every journey there’s a story. Ultimately, this work is about the people on the frontline working hard every day to make things better for the children they serve. NICHQ is honored to be part of their stories.



Codifying what we learned and publishing it for others to learn from is one way we help spread our innovations.



We're Changing The World

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Every day, with the help of a network of exceptional experts and dedicated partners, we’re inching closer to our vision of a world in which all children achieve their optimal health. Learn more about NICHQ's impact on the world in our 2015 Impact Brochure.

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