See what funders have to say

Jerome Adams, MD, MPH

Indiana State Health Commissioner

Jerome is working with NICHQ on a new statewide breastfeeding initiative in Indiana.

"It was an easy decision to engage NICHQ in our strategic planning process to take our breastfeeding goals from strategy to action to results. We have been inspired by their work with Best Fed Beginnings and other states like Texas and New York. NICHQ has already proven to be a valuable partner as they walk with us through our strategic planning process. We are very excited about the energy and direction they are providing."

Irene Forsman, MS, RN

Director - Newborn Hearing Screening & Intervention Program, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)

Irene worked with NICHQ as part of the Improving Hearing Screening & Intervention Systems (IHSIS) project.

“Working with NICHQ has been a very rewarding experience as evidenced by the progress of the states and significant drops in loss-to-follow-up rates. The reason I chose to contract with NICHQ was because I read their contract proposal outlining the Model for Improvement and PDSA cycles and I thought, this is great stuff, we should do this.

NICHQ has certainly helped us improve the system of care for infants who are suspected of having hearing loss and their families. The partnerships with families have been really extraordinary. 

A partnership with families has been a hallmark of what the Maternal and Child Health Bureau has done for years, but NICHQ really demonstrated how important those partnerships are."

Veronica Hendrix

Texas Ten Step Program Coordinator,
Texas Department of State Health Services

Veronica worked with NICHQ as part of the Texas Ten Step Star Achiever Breastfeeding Learning Collaborative project.