See what health administrators have to say

Ed Dzedzy

Administrator, Lincoln County Health Department

Ed worked with NICHQ as part of the Collaborate for Healthy Weight project.

“I was very hesitant about quality improvement in the beginning but NICHQ reformed me.  I have been working within our region and our state with health partners for years, but we have made more progress working with NICHQ through your learning process and collaboration than with any other group.  

NICHQ fosters a collaborative process, not a dictatorial process.  You allow us to build success in our community and not try to push any one strategy or model on us.  You guide, collaborate and share, but you don’t steer.  

And that is what a collaboration is about: pushing and guiding where you can and backing off where you need to, but including everyone and celebrating that.  And that goes a long way with someone like me trying to make an impact in a tight-knit, small rural community.”

Jeannette Webb

Follow-up Coordinator,
Louisiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Office

Jeanette worked with NICHQ as part of the Improving Hearing Screening and Intervention Systems (IHSIS) project.