Amanda Ghent

Parent Partner

Amanda worked with NICHQ as part of the Best Fed Beginnings project.

"Participation in this project has uncovered new desires for me personally, and for our hospital and community. We are making progress in the little and big things, and changing the way a baby is welcomed into the world step by step. I am so thankful for the Best Fed Beginnings team, the opportunity to gain insight from other hospitals, and the chance to serve with my local hospital. With the drive of this collaborative, we can change the health of our world, one baby at a time."

Tami Rich

Parent Partner

Tami worked with NICHQ as part of a working group on medical home support spread.

"In over 21 years of caring for my son with complex congenital heart defects plus my 20 years working in health care quality improvement and my 6 plus years as a patient advocate, I've never known anyone to embrace closing the gaps between patients and healthcare institutions or doctors, as much as the people from NICHQ."

Marbely Barahona

Parent Partner

Marbely worked with NICHQ as part of the Improving Hearing Screening and Intervention Systems (IHSIS) project.

"At the beginning we thought that it'd be another project or another thing to do in our list of things we're supposed to do. But actually what I've learned is this is a better way to do things—a faster, better and effective way. You have to have a goal and objectives. When you work through the process we've been learning at NICHQ, everything is very efficient."