Why I Participate

At NICHQ, we believe working with patient and family partners is critical for systems improvement, especially for removing the barriers that hold children back from achieving their optimal health. That’s why, whenever possible, we include parent partners on our project teams.

Our “Why I Participate” series offers first-person accounts by NICHQ parent partners about the powerful experiences they have when they participate in our projects.

Breastfeeding Project Parent Partners

  • Sarah Bedford shares how she’s seen hospital practices change to better support mothers who choose to breastfeed.
  • Gloria Carroll shares how her search for knowledge and support from her family helped lead her becoming a breastfeeding advocate.
  • Lindsay Fonseca shares her personal experience of breastfeeding and becoming an advocate.
  • Amanda Ghent shares her personal experience of breastfeeding and story of advocacy.
  • Kelly Maynard shares her personal experience of why having breastfeeding support was so crucial for her family.
  • Michelle Moore shares the obstacles she faced when breastfeeding, how she almost gave up, and how support from the hospital and community helped her to achieve her goal.
  • Trang Neimetz share challenges she faced with breastfeeding and how she advocates for improved breastfeeding support for families.
  • Ann Siegle shares her personal experience of breastfeeding and story of advocacy.

Medical Home Project Parent Partners

  • Olga Cappas shares the story of raising a son with disabilities and why a medical home is so important.
  • Ziva Mann shares her story on the importance of a medical home and how partnering with healthcare professionals helped a practice achieve improvements.

Newborn Hearing Screening Project Parent Partners

  • Tonya Bowman shares her experience of having a daughter with hearing loss.
  • Kisha Greenidge-Kader share the story of her advocacy work to help other families with children with hearing loss get the care they need.
  • Wendy Hewitt shares the story of the complex maze of specialists she went through to get her son the care he needed for his hearing loss.