June 08, 2012

A Nationwide Effort Finds Success in Improving Follow-Up for Infant Hearing Screenings

Thousands of babies have no records of having follow-up treatment after failing a newborn hearing test. Parents, hearing screening services, audiologists and quality improvement experts are partnering together in the Improving Hearing Screening & Intervention Systems (IHSIS) project to close the gap of babies lost to follow-up.

These teams are bettering the hearing screening and intervention process through sustainable, systematic quality improvement methods. Through these improvements, they are helping families get the appropriate diagnoses and services they need. The teams are also working to streamline communication between different parts of the healthcare system to ensure effective hearing screening follow-up for infants.

We invite you to watch this video of IHSIS teams sharing their successes.

Watch the non-captioned version of the video:

Watch the captioned version of the video:

Learn more about the statistics of infants lost in the hearing screening diagnosis process here and read more about the IHSIS project here.