November 16, 2011

CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative Announces Teams

The CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative announced the 13 pediatric practices that will participate in the project. Over the course of five years, pediatric practices across the state will implement a “medical home” model of care. The medical home creates a comprehensive and collaborative working relationship between numerous clinicians, their patients, and the patients’ families. The coordination of care inherent in the medical home is especially beneficial to children with complex medical needs.

The project is funded by a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made available through the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA). NICHQ is one of several partners.

Cambridge Health Alliance – Cambridge Pediatrics
Cambridge, MA
Team Members:
  • Mary Saginario, RN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Deborah Glotzer, MD, Senior Leader
  • Paul Geltman, MD, Provider Champion
  • Amanda Horowitz, MSW, MPH, Team Member
  • Fatima Braga, Team Member
  • Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, Parent Partner
  • Cristin Lind, Parent Partner
  • Lorraine Dinezio, Care Coordinator

Caring Health Center
Springfield, MA
Team Members:
  • Jacqueline Johnson, M.Ed., Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Cristina Huebner Torres, MA, Senior Leader
  • Harvey Binder, MD, Provider Champion
  • Gladys Delgado, Parent Partner 
  • Olga Cappas, Internal Parent Partner
  • Luis Sepulveda, Internal Parent Partner 
  • Carlos Santiago, Care Coordinator 

Children's Hospital Adolescent/Young Adult Program (Children's Team 1)
Boston, MA
Team Members:
  • Rachael Grant, Practice Transformation Facilitator
  • Greg Fredo, Assistant Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Elizabeth Woods, MD, MPH, Senior Leader
  • Nancy Dodson, MD, Provider Champion
  • Hieu Nguyen, Youth Advisor 
  • Tonia Zarrella, Care Coordinator 

Children's Hospital Primary Care Center (Children's Team 2)
Boston, MA
Team Members:
  • Rachael Grant, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Robert Flynn, MD, Assistant Practice Transformation Facilitator
  • Joanne Cox, MD, Senior Leader
  • Kathleen Conroy, MD, Provider Champion 
  • Ykyttra Jones, Parent Partner
  • Tonia Zarrella, Care Coordinator 

Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center
Dorchester, MA
Team Members:
  • Paul Dryfoos, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Whaja Woo, MD, Senior Leader
  • Soukaina Adolphe, MD, Provider Champion
  • Theresa Clark, Team Member
  • Carlita Carpenter, Parent Partner
  • Eugenie Elmeus, Parent Partner
  • Maria Do Canto, Care Coordinator 

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Chelmsford Practice
Chelmsford, MA
Team Members:
  • Sally Faggella, RN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Margi Byrnes, Senior Leader
  • Kimberly Tresch, MD, Provider Champion
  • Josephine Arinola, Parent Partner 
  • Melissa Chartier, Parent Partner 
  • Bobbie Goldman, Care Coordinator 

Holyoke Pediatric Associates
Holyoke, MA
Team Members:
  • Michele Giarusso, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Jacqueline Pleet, MD, Senior Leader
  • Betsy Brooks, MD, Provider Champion
  • Ami Gardiner, LPN, Team Member
  • Barbara MacCoubrey, MA, Team Leader 
  • Lillian Colon, Parent Partner
  • Molly LePage, Parent Partner 
  • Lisa Sheehy, Care Coordinator 

Martha Eliot Health Center
Jamaica Plain, MA
Team Members:
  • Andrew Melaragno, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Roslyn Murov, MD, Senior Leader
  • Patricia Glidden, MD, Provider Champion
  • Yailin Peguero, Parent Partner
  • Niurka Pitts, Parent Partner 
  • Maria Do Canto, Care Coordinator 

MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center
Chelsea, MA
Team Members:
  • Camila Da Silva, RN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Giueseppina Romano-Clarke, MD, Senior Leader
  • Alexy Arauz Boudreau, MD, MPH, Provider Champion
  • Mirian Garcia, Parent Partner
  • Yolanda Lorenzana, Parent Partner
  • Maribel Goglas, Care Coordinator 

MGH Revere HealthCare Center
Revere, MA
Team Members:
  • Maria Valles, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Harwood Egan, MD, Senior Leader
  • Diana Palmer, MD, Provider Champion
  • Noelle Rizzo, Parent Partner
  • Alla Rossi, Parent Partner 
  • Maribel Goglas, Care Coordinator 

Patriot Pediatrics
Bedford, MA
Team Members:
  • Christina Lopez, RN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Francine Hennessey, MD, Senior Leader
  • Elaine Rothstein, RN, CPNP, Provider Champion
  • Cathy Sisco, Parent Partner
  • Mary-Lee Pequeno, Parent Partner
  • Kathy Wasserman, Care Coordinator 

Pediatric Associates of Greater Salem
Salem, MA
Team Members:
  • Maria Mignon, RN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Mark McKenna, Senior Leader
  • Mark Mandell, MD, Provider Champion
  • Lauren Fitzpatrick, Parent Partner
  • Claire Smith, Parent Partner 
  • Bobbie Goldman, Care Coordinator 

South County Pediatrics/Department of Pediatrics
Webster, MA
Team Members:
  • Suzanne Grochowski, LPN, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Angela Beeler, MD, Senior Leader
  • Anthony Talieri, MD, Provider Champion
  • Laura Dibona, Parent Partner
  • Joyce Nierodzinksi, Parent Partner 
  • Adriana Chapa, Care Coordinator 

Yogman Pediatric Associates
Cambridge, MA
Team Members:
  • Sheila Donoyan, Practice Transformation Facilitator 
  • Lisa Hoey, Senior Leader
  • Marni Roitfarb, MD, Provider Champion
  • Michael Yogman, MD, Team Member
  • Lestra Litchfield, Parent Partner
  • Marillyn Mesiti, Parent Partner
  • Marco Fernandes, Care Coordinator