May 04, 2015

NICHQ Featured in Huffington Post's 'The Next 10' Campaign

The Huffington Post Helps Raise Funds For NICHQNICHQ is one of 60 organizations The Huffington Post has chosen to promote in its “The Next 10” awareness building and fundraising campaign that runs throughout May. 

In celebration of the media giant’s 10-year anniversary, the campaign shines a light on 10 causes for which The Huffington Post believes meaningful strides can be made in the 10 years to come—and highlights organizations it believes can make a difference on these issues.

NICHQ was chosen as an organization that is “providing meaningful and innovative solutions” to the cause of “reducing maternal and infant mortality by investing in health infrastructure”—one of the 10 causes selected as a focus for the campaign. The 10 causes are:
  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality by investing in health infrastructure
  • Solving the global environment crisis
  • Ensuring free speech and safety for journalists 
  • Making healthy food affordable and accessible
  • Rethinking homelessness and how to solve it
  • Rethinking drug policy and treatment
  • Empowering women to end poverty
  • Protecting the rights of LGBT individuals around the world
  • Bringing meditation and mindfulness to the masses
  • Making pet adoption the standard and mutts the coolest breed

“These organizations tackling important problems are the heart of our campaign, 'The Next 10,' aimed at highlighting causes that will shape the next decade. Our hope is this will be an opportunity to not only raise money for these important issues, but also to increase awareness about the important work being done on the ground to serve communities that truly need strong advocates,” reads a Huffington Post announcement about the campaign.

“We are thrilled to be selected to participate in this campaign and that our work on improving infant mortality rates is getting noticed,” says NICHQ’s Acting CEO Scott O’Gorman. “This is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness for all that we do.”

To donate to NICHQ via The Next 10 Campaign, visit:


NICHQ is an independent, nonprofit organization working for nearly two decades to improve children’s health. We help organizations and professionals who share this mission make breakthrough improvements so children and families live healthier lives. For more information about NICHQ, go to

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