August 19, 2014

Lauren A. Smith, Former Interim Commissioner and Medical Director of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Named Executive Project Director

NICHQ announced today that Lauren A. Smith, MD, MPH, has been named the executive project director for the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Mortality (IM CoIIN) project.

Previously (as announced April 28), Smith joined NICHQ as a strategic advisor consultant for the IM CoIIN project. After three successful and productive months in her consulting role, which included oversight of the IM CoIIN Summits in Washington, DC, and Hawaii, Smith was invited and agreed to join NICHQ as a permanent employee.

“We are thrilled to have Lauren on board and look forward to her continued leadership on IM CoIIN,” said NICHQ’s Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Business Development Rachel Steele. “Lauren’s knowledge and experience in leading infant mortality efforts at the state level will continue to directly benefit the IM CoIIN state teams as well as our internal project team. We’re excited to welcome Lauren to the NICHQ family.”

To learn more about Smith and the IM CoIIN project, please visit: