August 29, 2014

NICHQ CEO Delivers Keynote at Early Years Collaborative in Scotland

NICHQ CEO Charlie Homer, MD, MPH, delivered the opening plenary to over 500 participants at the June learning session for the Early Years CollaborativeExternal Link in Scotland. The Early Years Collaborative (EYC) is a coalition of Community Planning Partners - including social services, health, education, police and third sector professionals - committed to ensuring that every baby, child, mother, father and family in Scotland has access to the best supports available. 

The overall goal of the EYC is to deliver tangible improvement in outcomes for infant health and reduce inequalities for Scotland’s vulnerable children. The EYC is aiming to shift the balance of public services in Scotland toward early intervention and prevention by 2016 and to sustain those changes to 2018 and beyond.

"To have sustainable change, to have change that's really going to be long-lasting and to have an impact, you really do need leadership commitment. [And] quality improvement requires a studied and proven approach to system change that engages the hearts and minds of leaders at all levels," said Homer.

You can hear the keynote address, as well as Dr. Homer's reflections on the EYC, in the videos below. 

EYC Learning Session 5 - Keynote Address

EYC Learning Session 5 - Diary Room: Charles Homer

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