August 04, 2014

NICHQ Introduces New Website and New “Look”

Final step in process of rebranding the organization

NICHQ's Brand New Web SiteNICHQ has unveiled a new website and a new look for the organization. This is the final step in the process of rebranding the organization, which began earlier this year when NICHQ changed its name.

The new name, “National Institute for Children’s Health Quality,” reflect NICHQ’s increased scale and expanded focus beyond the clinical setting to the broader influences that produce children’s health. In concert with this change, NICHQ also modified some of the core messaging for the organization, including the mission statement (“Improve Children’s Health”) and tagline (“Improving Children’s Health Together”). A new logo, new look and new website now tie all the changes together.

“These exciting improvements exemplify NICHQ’s development as an organization," said Charlie Homer, MD, MPH, NICHQ’s president and CEO. “Our new website will offer new ways for us to engage more people and organizations in our work to improve child health. Our users can now more easily access the knowledge and tools they need to help children and families, and connect with others who are committed to the same mission.”

About NICHQ’s New Website

The new takes full advantage of modern technologies to enable deep content exploration and user engagement. It will inspire NICHQ’s customers to action through:

• Fresh, modern design – making the content easily accessible
• Crisp, accessible voice – no jargon, so you can get the heart of the matter faster
• Case studies, results and testimonials – to demonstrate the impact of our work together
• Social sharing and integrated blog – making a great place to engage and connect
• New navigation structure – to enable you to easily find what you need

About NICHQ’s New Logo

NICHQ’s new logo is both professional and playful. It reflects our work: we are very serious about improving children’s health, but always mindful that children are at the heart of all we do. The font is modern, strong, unpretentious and friendly. The colors are bright and bold, but not overpowering.

The design of the “Q” brings to mind the image of a child drawing with a marker or crayon, reflecting the youthful spirit of the children whose lives we aim to improve. Most importantly, it focuses attention on our area of expertise — Quality Improvement — and its unsettled design symbolizes the constant inquiry, curiosity, evolution and change that characterize improvement science, our organization and our work. Like the continuous improvement journey, the “Q” is never finished.

Please check out the new NICHQ at