October 30, 2014

NICHQ Named National Coordinating Center for New Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Demonstration Program

NICHQ's Newest ProjectNICHQ announced today that its role as the National Coordinating Center for the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Demonstration Program (SCDTDP) has been extended for three more years by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

NICHQ has served as the National Coordinating Center (NCC) for the SCDTDP for the past four years. The work culminated in a congressional report submitted to Congress last week, which details recommendations for redesigning clinical delivery and public health programs, as well as reshaping broad health policy and the SCDTDP to improve the quality of care for children and adults with sickle cell disease.

“We’re thrilled to again lead this critically important program now focused on improving access to high quality care for people with sickle cell disease,” says NICHQ CEO Charlie Homer, MD, MPH. “This new award reflects not only the tremendous accomplishments we helped community based teams’ achieve as the coordinating center, but also the confidence our federal partners have in our ability to bring groups together to demonstrably achieve a common goal.”

As the National Coordinating Center, NICHQ will work with four regional teams from across the country—representing 26 states, the Pacific Basin, Puerto Rico and U.S. VirginIslands—to increase the number of providers treating persons for sickle cell disease or sickle cell related issues, increase the number of providers prescribing disease modifying therapies, such as hydroxyurea, and increase the number of sickle cell patients that are receiving regular care from providers knowledgeable about treating sickle cell disease. NICHQ will gather data from and support the performance of SCDTDP grantees in addressing these program goals.