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March 18, 2013
Care Teams Better Support Patients, Pediatric Practices

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December 14, 2013
Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Ziva Mann
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November 15, 2013
How and Why to Include the Patient Perspective
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At a Glance

What: A quality improvement initiative to help pediatric practices in Massachusetts successfully implement a medical home model of care.

Why: The medical home supports improved quality of care by creating a comprehensive and collaborative working relationship between clinicians, their patients, and the patients’ families. 

Who: 13 pediatric practices across Massachusetts.

When: February 2010 – December 2013

Funders: The project is funded by a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services made available through the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA).


The medical home model supports improved quality of care by creating a comprehensive and collaborative working relationship between clinicians, their patients, and the patients’ families. Ideally, the medical home will create an infrastructure in which care is coordinated; community resources and specialty, behavioral, and oral health providers are integrated; and children and their families are supported as decision makers

Project Overview

NICHQ is one of several partners leading this project, which also includes MassHealth, Children’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

There are three components to the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative:

  1. Administer and test the set of 24 core measures of pediatric healthcare endorsed by the Agency for Health Care Quality;
  2. Convene a Statewide Child Health Coalition to provide advice and guidance to the State;
  3. Support the implementation of a “medical home” model of care at pediatric practices across the Massachusetts.

In order to achieve the third component of this project as listed above, NICHQ is leading a 29-month Learning Collaborative to implement a medical home model of care in 13 practices from across Massachusetts that were selected to participate in the Collaborative. 

Each site has its own Practice Transformation Facilitator (PTF) to lead the adoption of medical home characteristics accompanied by the help of a Massachusetts Department of Public Health Care Coordinator. Over the course of the transformation process, the 13 practice teams will convene six times in learning sessions, which will provide an opportunity to learn from experts and each other and to share best practices regarding the medical home transformation process.

Goals and Activities

The goals of the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Learning Collaborative are to:

  • Demonstrate significant improvements in care and outcomes for children;
  • Establish effective models for tracking data to measure improvements and determine priority changes;
  • Improve team development;
  • Establish a basis for widespread dissemination and uptake of improved approach to care;
  • Measureable improvements in comprehensive well care, developmental health, mental and oral health, clinical outcomes, patient safety, care planning, transition to adulthood, efficiency, and medical home transformation.

The learning collaborative is taking place over 29 months and includes six Learning Sessions.

  • February 2010:  Five-year CMS CHIPRA Quality Demonstration grant awarded.
  • Summer 2011:  Thirteen practices selected.
  • August 2011:  The pre-work phase of the project began.
  • October 2011:  Learning Session 1 held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • January 2012:  Learning Session 2 held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • May 2012:  Learning Session 3 to be held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • November 2012:  Learning Session 4 to be held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • February/March 2013:  Learning Session 5 to be held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • September 2013:  Learning Session 6 to be held in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • December 2013:  Conclusion of the Collaborative.

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