Toolkit for the Follow-Up Care of the Premature Infant

The Toolkit for the “Follow‐up Care of the Premature Infant” is a multidisciplinary, electronic, interactive toolkit with a web‐based interface, which has been developed over the last five years by MedImmune. The National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) conducted the beta testing of this Toolkit and was involved in its further development. The Toolkit is organized into 6 sections: Introduction, Discharge Planning, Outpatient Follow‐up Care, Parent/Caregiver, Tools, and References. It has been developed for healthcare providers to assist in the transition of the premature infant from hospital to outpatient care, to facilitate accurate transfer of pertinent patient information and to help provide evidence‐based practical measures for consideration in the care of the premature infant. The Toolkit provides age‐specific information that highlights what is unique for the premature infant from birth to 12 months corrected age. The goal is to help improve the care and outcomes of premature infants. The Toolkit can help facilitate care of the premature infant by general pediatricians and other healthcare providers. These tools are intended to complement the care healthcare providers currently provide; however, the Toolkit is not intended to be a substitute for or an influence on the independent clinical judgment of the healthcare professional.

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