Topic: Obesity


Complex public health problems like obesity often don’t have simple solutions. We know, however, that to change a behavior you need to change the environment. NICHQ’s portfolio of obesity projects use a variety of approaches and strategies to affect the community organizations, families, government, industry, primary care and public health organizations responsible for the environments where children live, play and learn.

Some of the successful approaches NICHQ uses include sharing knowledge, successful practices and innovation with healthcare professionals; building partnerships across traditional professional borders; and spreading impactful, sustainable policy and practice improvements in care settings. We’ve also found training and supporting healthcare professionals in becoming advocates for policy and environmental systems change within their communities, as well as using technology to improve monitoring of weight status and intervention plans to have significant impacts.

The result of our work: healthier futures for children and the development of evidence-based best practices to keep the momentum going.

Our Projects

A Commitment to Fighting Obesity

Our National Advisory Council (NAC) is a group of experts from diverse backgrounds who bring unique knowledge, skills, and connections to NICHQ in order to provide key guidance on our obesity work. With their help, NICHQ is able to contribute to efforts to reverse obesity trends through our projects as well as policy and best practice recommendations.


Obesity: Complex But Conquerable [Infographic]

Source: Institute of Medicine, "Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention" External Link

Institutes of Medicine Infographic - Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention