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Working Towards Baby-Friendly - Improving Breastfeeding Support in US Hospitals

Working Towards Baby-Friendly:
Improving Breastfeeding Support in US Hospitals


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Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight
Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up
Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight

NICHQ and CEO Charlie Homer Featured on AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange: Paths to Healthy Weight Website

August 4, 2011

The obesity epidemic is now receiving the attention it deserves, yet some people doubt our nation’s ability to address a public health problem that has emerged so rapidly, is of such magnitude, and has so many causes. Others are reluctant to take bold action in the absence of unequivocal data about what works.

NICHQ’s CEO and President, Charles Homer, MD, MPH, does not “share in either the pessimism about our capacity to reverse the epidemic, nor the reluctance to act in the presence of uncertainty.”

Dr. Homer was asked by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to provide his perspective on how NICHQ is leading the movement for the kind of cross-sector collaboration that can produce lasting change in the prevention and management of obesity and overweight. His article, entitled “Collaborative Innovation Can Curb Obesity Across the Lifespan”, is now being featured on the Paths to Healthy Weight section of the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange.

In the article, Dr. Homer describes the unique nature of NICHQ’s current obesity-related projects, Collaborate for Healthy Weight and Be Our Voice. Both projects are built upon more than a decade of NICHQ’s previous work in the obesity prevention and management space, and both projects seek to address these issues through innovative partnerships and collaboration.


“We are excited by this opportunity to tap the expertise of many leading organizations,” says Dr. Homer. “And we are confident that if we design an obesity prevention strategy that works well for children, it will work well for everybody.”


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