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Childhood Obesity Action Network (COAN) is a web-based national network of healthcare professionals in all 50 states and 5 countries working on clinical childhood obesity issues.

The Be Our Voice (BOV) Listserv is a community of advocates dedicated to fighting childhood obesity by becoming advocates for policy change in local communities. Members receive posts from other healthcare professional advocates with ideas, questions, comments, and successes, as well as important updates and information on the Be Our Voice initiative.

The NICHQ Healthcare Quality Improvement (NICHQ-QI) Listserv is a lively online community that shares a passion for quality improvement for children and adolescents--what's new, what works, what doesn't. Participants raise questions, suggest ideas and share reactions to anything related to healthcare for children and adolescents. NICHQ also will keep you posted about programs, progress and new activities that we are undertaking.