Customized Services


NICHQ's breadth of services leads to innovative and idealized solutions

Before anyone can solve problems and capitalize on opportunities, it’s imperative that comprehensive, accurate diagnostic work be completed. Too often this meaningful diagnostic work is abbreviated or entirely absent from the solution process. NICHQ boasts deep expertise in diagnostic work, in which we immerse ourselves in your world to help formulate an improvement strategy that fits your organization’s overall business and learning objectives.

NICHQ’s services can take many forms, typically determined after the initial diagnostic phase. Some examples of services we provide include:

Specific Improvement Programs

This can include short-term, focused improvement programs on specific topics both broad (e.g., medical home transformation) and targeted (e.g., empowering patients and families to engage in practice improvement), as well as clinical improvement programs on specific topics (e.g., obesity assessment and management).

Tools for Collaboration and Spread

This can include running of an in-person or virtual learning collaborative, development of practice innovation teams to pilot rapid cycle change, or creation of a virtual community for collaborative, shared learning.

Data Collection and Management

This can include technical assistance about data collection and associated methodologies, harvesting data from existing systems and interpretation of data, as well as  providing a system that will support data entry, review and reporting.

Capacity Building for Quality Improvement

This can include in-person, virtual or on-demand trainings on basic methods and tools of improvement that empower your team to drive and understand quality improvement and system transformation.

Strategic Quality Improvement Support and Technical Assistance

This can include regular meetings to review improvement activities and identify gaps, as well as things such as building a measurement strategy for improvement projects, interpreting data and providing feedback for improvement, and establishing an evaluation infrastructure.

We welcome learning more about your unique needs and how we can partner to move closer to realizing a shared mission of improving children’s health. To inquire about NICHQ services, please email