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Policies for an Equal Start

A Surge of Legislative Victories

In recent months, new laws have passed to increase funding and support for programs that will have a positive impact on children’s health. Improving sickle cell disease care, reducing maternal deaths, addressing the opioid crisis—each of these laws has powerful potential for driving change in children’s health outcomes. Click here to read an update on the legislation.

No More Missed Medicaid Opportunities

Nearly half of all children under five are covered by public health insurance programs. But understanding the ins and outs of Medicaid policy and payment methods gets confusing fast, and sometimes critical opportunities to support children’s health are missed. In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage Medicaid programs to support early childhood health and well-being, and hear from a panel of some of the top policy experts in the field. Watch the webinar.  

Partnerships Drive Momentum

Maintaining the momentum from the recent policy victories means harnessing the power of partnerships. Bringing together stakeholders from across the children’s health system—healthcare, education, and the justice system, to name just a few—is critical for driving change in policy. In this article, we share five strategies for developing cross-sector collaboration and building the powerful partnerships needed for change.

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