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Because Families Know Best

Whether you’re squeezing together for that perfect picture or squeezing into a car bound for adventure, summer vacations all have one thing in common: they’re filled with the people who know you best. At NICHQ, we partner with families because their unique insight helps drive our improvement efforts. After all, who understands family needs better than the families themselves?

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Elevate Voices, Elevate Change

After nearly two decades of improvement work, we’ve seen countless examples of family voices energizing and optimizing children’s health initiatives. Looking for inspiration for family engagement? Here are three ways to raise their voices:

Some Words
from NICHQ's Leadership

NICHQ President and CEO Scott D. Berns, MD, MPH, FAAP, and Chief Health Officer, Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, share why they're committed to improving systems that support parents and caregivers as advocates for and protectors of their children’s health.

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Recently, Coté shared how her experiences have shown time and time again that keeping families together, whenever possible, is critical for improving health. Read her story here.

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A Partnership Built for Collaboration

True collaboration is at the heart of family engagement. It’s the foundation for building up families as equal partners in improvement, a key ingredient for driving systems-level change. Take NICHQ’s online Essentials of Collaboration Course and uncover what it takes to develop genuine partnerships committed to improving children’s health outcomes.

Let's Work Together

Are you interested in using these change ideas to improve children’s health in a population, state or healthcare setting? Contact NICHQ to discuss our services that support: 

  • Strategies for identifying partners and getting buy-in
  • Tools used to track data and enhance collaboration 
  • Training on methods to support a culture of improvement 

From supporting individual organizations to national programs, NICHQ’s vast change management experience helps us customize the best solution for you.

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