Here, NICHQ CEO Scott D. Berns shares a statement on racial inequality and injustice and the health of America’s children.

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Promoting Children’s Health During COVID-19

Support Children with Sickle Cell Disease

A rare blood disorder, sickle cell disease (SCD) affects approximately 100,00 people in the U.S., many of them children. Because those with SCD have weakened immune systems and often experience heart and lung comorbidities, they may be at an increased risk of complications from COVID-19. Here, find links to related resources to support children with SCD, including advice for families and providers and a registry for tracking COVID-19 cases among those living with SCD.  

Create Coordinated Systems

When different health and social services work in silos, it disrupts continuity in care and families miss out on vital supports and services. The pandemic has intensified this problem because families need those supports more urgently than ever. In response, states and communities have pioneered solutions that illustrate the great potential for transformative, accelerated systems change. Learn more in this article.

Go Virtual

During COVID-19, conducting services like pediatric wellness checks and home visits over the phone or through a video call has become the norm. Interested in making these visits as effective as possible?  In this article, licensed counselor Jana Glass,  LPC, MAC, PMH-C, BC-TMH, shares strategies for helping families feel comfortable and supported when receiving virtual services. (hint: the article include a new infographic sharing seven key takeaways.)

Get Inspired By Ideas on the Ground

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, health and social service providers across the country are finding innovative ways to improve children’s health outcomes. Get inspired by stories from two communities:   

  • Because the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequities, communities in Ohio are developing a comprehensive plan to support at-risk families. Find out what might work in your community.
  • Baltimore Healthy Start has launched a multi-pronged approach to support the families they serve—many of whom live in poverty and struggle to meet their basic needs. See what ideas you can tap.

Be a Children's Health Change Agent

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