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Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week 2021 with NICHQ by advancing advocacy, protection, and promotion of evidence-based safe-sleep practices to ensure that all babies are sleeping safely. 

Approximately 3,500 infants die from sleep-related causes every year. Consistent, evidence-based advice, whether in a hospital or at home, could reduce these numbers, ultimately improving maternal and infant health outcomes, saving babies’ lives, and addressing the significant racial disparities associated with safe sleep and breastfeeding. 

Promote Safe Sleep on Social MediaBaby Sleeping

  • Social Media Toolkit: We’ve put together an online collection of social media posts and graphics that promote evidence-based safe-sleep practices and raise awareness about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and sleep-related deaths. Access the online toolkit to use on your own social channels and make sure to tag @NICHQ so we can like and share your post.
  • Daily SLEEP Themes: Celebrate NICHQ's daily social media themes and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for posts and resources throughout the month.  

    • Safety: What is safe infant sleep?
    • Learning: How can more families learn about safe infant sleep?
    • Equity: Making sure that ALL babies can sleep safely.
    • Environments: What does a safe sleep environment look like?
    • Prevention: Reducing the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related deaths.

Interactive Resources to Use and Share

Video Quiz: How Safe Sleep Savvy Are You?

This short video quiz can be used by health professionals to engage parents and caregivers in conversations about safe sleep and breastfeeding recommendations.

Conversation Modules for Providers and Health Care Workers

These online modules are designed to help shift the approaches often used in promoting safe sleep and breastfeeding by pulling them together, as they are all part of caring for a new baby.

E-Handout for Safe Sleep Conversations

This interactive e-handout helps families learn about safe sleep practices. Health professionals can sit with families and click through the pages, talking through different sleep scenes and environments.

Safe Sleep Best Practices

This literature review and promising practices for safe sleep is an essential guide for state and community efforts to eliminate sleep-related infant deaths.

Join our Communities of Practice

NAPPSS-INN invites community-level safe sleep and breastfeeding organizations and advocates to participate in quarterly sharing sessions designed to continue conversations on making safe sleep and breastfeeding the norm in states and communities across the country. 

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