The Most Insightful Stories of 2017

Children winning

With 2017 drawing to a close, we’re taking stock of some of our hits and highlights. From change management advice to project results and takeaways, here’s a rundown of the website stories you found most engaging over the past year. Thank you for reading them, liking them and sharing them with your network.

Why Data Collection is a Necessary Part of Quality Improvement
Data is a key part of quality improvement, and collecting it can make a huge difference in the results of an initiative. This advice helps you incorporate data at every step of your improvement effort, maximizing your knowledge and ensuring you hold your gains. Read more

Family Partners Help Create Sustainable Change
Parents of children with special health needs become experts on their children’s condition in a way that doctors and administrators cannot. Their countless hours on the front line, navigating the healthcare system and other community resources, gives them invaluable insight into how these systems work (and do not work) for them. Here, one parent-partner shares her perspective. Read more

Success in Change Management: The Flexibility Factor
To create innovative change in healthcare, quality improvement teams and learning collaboratives must be rigorous in every step of their efforts. Factors like meticulous testing and robust data collection are essential for successful change; It is also important to match that rigor with a certain flexibility. From empowering team members to overcoming resistance, here’s how to succeed in change management. Read more

Data Drives Vermont’s Focus on Infant Mortality Reduction
With an infant mortality rate of 4.4 per 1,000 births, Vermont has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the country, but, the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) knows there is always room for improvement. As a part of the NICHQ-led Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Mortality (Infant Mortality CoIIN), NICHQ helped VDH use data to drive discussions and make decisions about where to prioritize its work: smoking cessation and safe sleep awareness. Read more

What Comes First? The Policy or the Change?
Policy shifts can drive dramatic changes at the hospital, state and community level. But what happens if the process to introduce new policies impedes or delays higher quality, evidence-based care? Can you create change before policy exists? Read on to uncover strategies for proactively initiating a culture of change where policy is an outcome of shared learning and proven testing. Read more

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