LENS Care: Leading Equity Now in Systems of Care

This is the first webinar in a series on supporting health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the second here.

Minority populations disproportionately experience poorer outcomes related to key national health indicators. These persistent disparities respond to inequities in care and access, social and economic factors, and the enduring effects of structural racism, prejudice, and discrimination. The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated these inequities, which makes pursuing equity more important now than ever.

In the first webinar of our COVID-19 series, we’re taking an in-depth look at how bias limits quality care for those who need it most during this national crisis and sharing resources and ideas focused on achieving health equity and combatting the health disparities rooted in the structures of our systems.

After watching the webinar, viewers will be able to:

  • Recognize the dual role COVID-19 plays for Black and Brown children with special healthcare needs by illuminating pre-existing inequities while also further exacerbating the inequities
  • Recognize and identify bias within your system and yourself
  • Learn ideas, tools, and resources to effect change on the individual and system level


  • Reneé Canady, PhD, MPA, CEO of the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI)
  • James McElligott, M.D., MSCR, Medical Director for Telehealth at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Assistant Professor in the Division of General Pediatrics at MUSC Children’s Hospital
  • Scott D. Berns, MD MPH, NICHQ’s CEO and Project Lead for the COVID-19 Enhancement Project
  • Judith Gooding, NICHQ Senior Advisor and Project Director for the COVID-19 Enhancement Project

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