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National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep Improvement and Innovation Network (NAPPSS-IIN)

NAPPSS-IIN is an initiative to make infant safe sleep and breastfeeding the national norm by aligning stakeholders to test safety bundles in multiple care settings to improve the likelihood that infant caregivers and families receive consistent, evidence-based instruction about safe sleep and breastfeeding.


Status: Active

July 2017 to June 2022

  • Who: Starting with five pilot hospitals in five states, the initiative will expand to include additional hospitals, social service agencies and childcare touch points across the country. An initial coalition of 70 stakeholder organizations will be expanded to support the initiative.
  • Funder: This project is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
  • Our Role: Using our unique change management approach to lead the innovation network. Activities include: providing technical assistance to states on integrating safe sleep and breastfeeding promotion efforts; providing training and resources to systems and community groups on using a conversations approach to engage families to help identify and overcome barriers in integrating safe sleep and breastfeeding; and implementing a safe infant sleep and breastfeeding safety bundle—a structured way of improving the processes of care and patient outcomes—in hospitals and other child care and social services settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've created a document that addresses the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the project. We will keep this FAQ updated on a regular basis. You are also welcome to email us with any questions, or join our "Friends of NAPPSS-IIN" email list to keep up to date on the initiative.

Helpful Resources

We've curated several resources for those working on safe sleep and breastfeeding.