Judith Gooding

Judith Gooding

Chief Operating Officer

Judith Gooding brings nearly 30 years of nonprofit management and marketing experience to the Chief Operating Officer role, where she drives the vitality of the organization through her expert leadership of strategic planning, financial management, operations, people management and marketing solutions.

Focused on providing the support NICHQ teams need to achieve a high level of performance and consistent delivery of NICHQ programs, Gooding brings knowledge, experience and passion to matching and nurturing people and projects so NICHQ delivers its best in meeting its mission.

Gooding is passionate about helping NICHQ’s team excel as individuals and in teams; engaging families in improving their child’s health and the health of their community; and addressing social determinants of health to achieve health equity for all children. Gooding’s experience in the spread and sustainability nationally of proven maternal and child health programs amplifies NICHQ’s capabilities to build relationships that ensure success in proving program value and spreading what works best in improving children’s lives.

Prior to joining NICHQ in January 2016, Gooding was Vice President of Signature Programs at the March of Dimes Foundation where she was responsible for leading and scaling such programs as NICU Family Support® and Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait®. She also directed Share Your Story, an online community that engaged thousands of parent and families of babies needing critical care, and she developed and launched Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers®, in rapid response to hurricanes on the Gulf Coast. Before that she held leadership positions there in Marketing and Communications, the Office of the President, and the Office of the Medical Director.

Gooding has also held roles including Associate Executive Director of the Fresh Air Fund, Vice President of Community Impact for United Way, and independent consultant to several nonprofit organizations.

Gooding has a bachelor's degree in English Education from Longwood University, Va., and certificate to teach English as a second language from Columbia University Teachers College.