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Tips for Taking the Course: The Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training

This page is where you can find tips for making the most of NICHQ's online Obesity Prevention Advocacy Training

Problem: After launching a lesson, all you can see is a blank window 
In order to view the course content, you must allow pop-ups by turning off your browser's pop-up blocker. For instructions on how to do this within your browser of choice, please refer to the appropriate link in the following list: 

Problem: The videos in a lesson won't load or cause the lesson to crash or freeze 
Some internet network security features can impact your browser's ability to load the course content. If you are accessing the course at work, it is possible that a network firewall is preventing the course from loading videos and other content properly. If this happens, we encourage you to try accessing the course at home or on another internet network. However, if this happens and you wish to access the course at work, you must contact your organization's IT department to determine whether a network firewall is in place and what steps can be taken to prevent the firewall from blocking the course's content.

Problem: The pop-up windows that contain the course content take a long time to load 
The type of internet connection and network you are using to access the course determines the speed at which the lesson content loads. We highly recommend accessing the course on a broadband or high-speed ethernet connection and network.

Problem: There is no button to save your progress and/or bookmark your place in a lesson 
Your progress will be saved automatically as you move through each lesson in the course. This means you can complete the course in one sitting or exit the course and complete it at a later time. Your progress will also be bookmarked along the way, so if you close a lesson and open it again later you will be taken back to the page you visited last.

Problem: You aren't taken to the last page you visited when you access the course from a different computer 
The bookmarking feature will only function properly if you access the course from the same computer each time. You can still access the course from any computer and launch the lesson you last visited, you will just have to click through the lesson in order to reach the page where you left off previously.

Problem: You are unsure whether your computer meets the minimum technical requirements for accessing the course
Please refer to the table below to determine if the computer you are using meets the minimum specifications for accessing the course.

Course Hardware and Software Requirements
Processors Pentium IV with a processor speed greater than or equal to 1.0 GHz
PC OS Any OS capable of running browsers and Flash version specified below
Browsers IE 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 2.0+, & Google Chrome with Cookies, JavaScript, Images, Active-X (IE only) and Flash enabled
Flash Player Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or higher (16.7MB disk space needed to install)
Screen Resolution 1024x768
Color Depth High Color, 32 Bit
Bandwidth 512K dedicated or faster. Broadband internet access is recommended.
Audio A sound card, and either speakers or headphones (for multi-media audio)