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A Holiday Wish for Children's Health

Our childhood holiday memories stay with us. From our first sleigh ride, to discovering our favorite holiday film, to the cookie contests we won and lost. At NICHQ, we want to make sure every child gets a chance to make holiday memories. Keep reading to find out how.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

As a national children's health organization, we partner with health professionals, public health agencies, parents and families to drive improvement in the systems responsible for children’s health. 

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Quality Improvement Course

What’s on Your
Holiday Wishlist?

If it’s improving children’s health, we’ve got you covered. This holiday season, we’re offering a free gift that will enhance your improvement efforts: Quality Improvement 102, an e-course that teaches how to test improvement ideas and increase their impact.

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Make Each Gift You Purchase a Gift For Children’s Health

NICHQ is partnering with Amazon so that a portion of every dollar you spend goes directly to support children’s health initiatives.

Before you open Amazon in your browser, click on this link. Once you log in, you will be asked if you want to support the National Institute for Children's Health Quality. Confirm and then continue shopping knowing your purchases have a bigger meaning this year.

Give the Gift of Improvement this Holiday Season

Starting an improvement initiative can be overwhelming. Whether you are launching a new policy or looking to improve on current practices, NICHQ can help. We work with states, communities and hospitals to drive dramatic systems change to improve children’s health. Among our many improvement efforts, we strive to:

  • Lower rates of childhood obesity
  • Reduce infant mortality rates
  • Support early childhood health, including vision and oral care
  • Enhance treatment of sickle cell disease

Let us work with you to launch your improvement effort.