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Hail to the Collaborators

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Build on a Foundation

Successful collaboration requires more than partners simply working together. It involves exchanging information, synchronizing activities, sharing resources and enhancing each partner’s impact and capacity—all to accomplish a mutual goal.

At NICHQ, we set partners up for success by helping them discover a shared aim, and build individual and organizational trust. 

Collaboration Course

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Successful collaboration doesn’t have to be complicated. In NICHQ’s Essentials of Collaboration course, we’ve packaged together the best strategies for being an effective collaborator. This free course provides a foundation for partnering with others to make a difference in your community.

Become an Effective Collaborator

Are you ready to encourage positive population health outcomes through effective collaboration? Contact NICHQ to discuss:

  • Guidelines for assessing your needs and confirming alignment with partners
  • Direction on building extended partnerships through a foundation of mutual trust 
  • Strategies for breaking down silos and tools for enhancing communication 

Let us help you discover the difference between working together and truly collaborating

Get Digital

Successful collaboration needs top-notch communication. NICHQ has led countless state and national initiatives, and we know that time constraints and geographic barriers can stall success. Our solution? NICHQ’s state-of-the-art Collaboratory (CoLab), a robust virtual community that super-charges interactions, collaboration and sharing between participants. Discover our technology platform and explore what’s possible.