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Working Towards Baby-Friendly - Improving Breastfeeding Support in US Hospitals

Working Towards Baby-Friendly:
Improving Breastfeeding Support in US Hospitals


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Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight
Next Steps: A Practitioner's Guide For Themed Follow-up
Visits For Their Patients to Achieve a Healthy Weight

Improving Children's Health Together

Welcome to NICHQ

NICHQ is an independent, nonprofit organization working for more than a decade to improve children’s health. We help organizations and professionals who share this mission make breakthrough improvements so children and families live healthier lives. We invite you to get involved in this important work.


New This Month:

NICHQ Changes Name
We've changed our name from “National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality” to “National Institute for Children’s Health Quality.” This reflects the expanded focus for the organization beyond the clinical setting to the broader influences that produce children’s health.

Viewing Health as a System
In his latest blog post, NICHQ president and CEO Charlie Homer asks "What Is the System that Produces Health?" and proposes a new model to begin answering that question.

Fathers Hold Key to Breastfeeding Support
A new mother's commitment to breastfeed frequently hinges on the opinion of someone often overlooked in breastfeeding education—the baby's father.

NICHQ Leading National Initiative to Reduce Infant Mortality
NICHQ is honored to lead an exceptional group of partner organizations in expanding the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) to Reduce Infant Mortality.

Care Teams Better Support Patients, Pediatric Practices
Practices in NICHQ's CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Project have been working to establish care teams within their practices to better support coordinated care. The impact has been visible.

4 Essential Elements for a Quality Improvement Culture
A quality improvement (QI) culture seeks to continually improve outcomes. Before you begin a QI project, make sure these four elements are in place.

Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Kisha Greenidge-Kader
In NICHQ's work on improving hearing screening, administrators and audiologists work closely with parent partners to drive improvements. Kisha Greenidge-Kader is one of those parents.

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Virtual Learning Series: Mastering Skin-to-Skin

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