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A Powerful Partnership

Parent Partner Spotlight: How Health Care Systems Can Isolate Women

Latoshia Rouse is the mother of triplets who were born prematurely. She is also someone who knows too well that health care systems can both support and fail families. From struggling to find prenatal care to experiencing a dangerous postpartum hemorrhage, Rouse’s experience reveals extensive holes in the health care system. Here, she shares her story, which illustrates the urgent need for improvement informed by family partner voices.

Champions for Children’s Health

The Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems CoIIN is partnering with families to strengthen systems and supports for families with children ages 0 to 3. Read two stories about the incredible impact of those partnerships here:

  • Nicole Hopkins knows firsthand how difficult it can be for families to navigate early childhood systems. Here, she shares her story and describes how she’s working to empower families and engage them as partners in improvement.
  • David Armstrong’s advocacy changed his grandson’s life. In his story, he shares why improving early childhood systems can help give children who experience trauma the opportunity for a bright future.

Strategies for Engaging Family Partners

Are you committed to partnering with families but not sure how to develop and sustain those partnerships? In this short article, we’ve compiled advice from the experts (families!) on engaging them as equal partners in improvement. From ideas on recruitment to advice on empowering family voices, this piece will help you capitalize on family partners’ energy and expertise.

Working in a pediatric setting? Check out these three ideas for effective pediatric-parent partnerships.

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