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We’re Glass-Half-Full Kind of People

Sharing Our Inspiration

With 20 years behind us and much more to accomplish ahead, we’re taking stock of who we are and affirming our mission to help all children achieve their optimal health. Watch our new video and learn what drives us to improve outcomes for all children, now and in the decades to come. 

A Round of Applause for our People

Our achievements aren’t possible without the time, expertise, and unparalleled dedication of our passionate employees. In recognition of 20 years of work fueled by incredible people, we’re shining a spotlight on a NICHQ employee every month—asking them to share their memories, advice, and goals. We’re kicking things off with the person who has worked with NICHQ the longest: Executive Project Director Pat Heinrich, RN, MSN, CLE. Get her insights and opinions here

Can We Get a Show of Hands?

Over the years, we’ve provided multiple trainings and resources to support your work, from our quality improvement courses (101 and 102), to our safe sleep video quiz, to our course on collaboration. We’re committed to continuing to give you the tools to empower you as champions for children’s health. That’s why we’re asking you for feedback. Take this brief survey and tell us what kind of NEW training, tool, or resource NICHQ could develop to best support the work you have ahead.

Make an Impact for Children, Right Now
Give a Gift that Supports Initiatives that Touch Millions of Children’s Lives

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we’re raising $200,000 to support our work to improve health outcomes for children across the country. Thanks to our generous supporters, we are nearly 75 percent of the way there! Give a gift and help us reach our goal. Every dollar raised benefits the health and well-being the children.