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Change is Possible

Harnessing lessons-learned from successful improvement initiatives can help hospitals and state health systems address infant and maternal death. In this article, we’re sharing lessons-learned from three successful improvement efforts: improving nutrition protocols for preterm infants; spreading safe sleep messages to reduce infant deaths; and testing strategies to lower rates of maternal hemorrhage -- and related illness and death.

Combat Racial Disparities

Black babies are three times more likely to die than white babies in the U.S., and we’re intent on exposing and combatting the factors that lead to these disparities. Below, find two articles on reducing disparities in infant mortality through innovative initiatives tailored to vulnerable populations:

  • In this article, read how the Arkansas Department of Health turned to a nontraditional partner to support intensive training sessions on infant mortality.
  • Supporting father involvement, promoting breastfeeding, and responding to the consequences of COVID-19 are some of the top priorities that our Healthy Start initiative is addressing. Learn more here.

Make Every Sleep a Safe Sleep

Every year, thousands of babies die from sleep-related causes. That’s why it’s vital that health professionals talk to families about recommended practices and empower all caregivers as safe sleep champions. This interactive handout supports those conversations. Families can also access the handout at home and use it to teach their friends and families about safe sleep.

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