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Creating Healthy Communities

Know Who to Ask for Answers

Elevating community voices helps optimize and align systems that support community health and well-being. After all, the people impacted by the problems facing their community have some of the best solutions for driving change. Interested in partnering with communities to improve systems? Be authentic, prioritize people, give up power, and trust the process, says NICHQ Senior Project Director Kenn Harris. Read his full article here.

Support Community-Based Initiatives

We’ve seen time and again how community advocates and programs propel change that improves the health and well-being of families across their community. Below, find three examples of how community-based initiatives have made a big impact for families they serve.

  1. Building an early childhood coalition: In less than two years, Chelsea, Massachusetts developed a coalition that brings together 50 different agencies and organizations to support early childhood growth and development and facilitate family success.
  2. Strengthening from within: Sixty-two percent of children in Liberty City, Miami, live below the poverty line and many are isolated from supports. This community-based program connects families with vital resources, including career path coaching, homework assistance and transportation.
  3. Addressing caregiver depression: In Coös County, New Hampshire, a coalition of early childhood organizations worked to integrate caregiver depression screenings into well-child visits to better support families. 

Remember, Health Starts at Home

Children across the U.S. are playing in homes contaminated by lead—either through chipped lead paint, lead in the water, or lead in toys and jewelry. Over half a million U.S. children have elevated blood lead levels, which puts them at risk for developmental delays, hearing and speech problems, and learning difficulties. Use this social media toolkit to spread the word about the risks of lead and the importance of lead screening for young children.

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We're Grateful

This month’s Creating Healthy Communities campaign is supported by Century Bank, NICHQ’s bank for nearly two decades. As New England's largest family-run bank, Century Bank shares NICHQ’s commitment to empowering communities so that all children and families can lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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