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Set the Stage for a Healthy Summer

Sun kissed beach days, picnics at the park, melting marshmallows on an open fire—summer means new and exciting places for children to explore. And when those places nurture and inspire their development, they set children on course for a healthier future. Scroll down to find out more.

Healthy child breathing

Quality Air for
Quality Health

Children take hundreds of breaths every hour. That’s hundreds of opportunities to improve their air quality and improve their health. Here are three ways we’re working with partners to make the most of all those opportunities:

    Health equity graphic

    Equity-Inspired, Systems-Minded

    Not all children have equal access to healthy environments. But state policies and programs, community groups, and family supports can help ensure that all children live and play in places that promote their physical and emotional health. Can you identify how each level of the early childhood system can improve environmental health? View our Health Equity Lens, press play and find out. 

    Healthy boy dressed with tools

    Get the Tools to Drive Change

    Creating environments that encourage developmental promotion and relational health is one of the many ways that NICHQ’s Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems CoIIN is working to change early childhood outcomes. In July, state and community teams from across the country are coming together to hear and learn from experts in the field. Interested in learning with them? Register here to receive a post-conference resource packet including: 

    • Evidence-based strategies for developmental health promotion
    • Ideas for partnering with families 
    • Policies to leverage at the federal, state and community level 


      Let's Work Together

      Are you interested in improving children’s health in a population, state or healthcare setting? Contact NICHQ to discuss our services that support: 

      • Strategies for identifying partners and getting buy-in
      • Tools used to track data and enhance collaboration 
      • Training on methods to support a culture of improvement 

      From supporting individual organizations to national programs, NICHQ’s vast change management experience helps us customize the best solution for you.