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Rare Doesn’t Mean Forgotten

Urgency Sparks Action; Action Sparks Hope

“I think sometimes hearing the words ‘rare disease’ belies a sense of urgency, when urgency is exactly what’s needed,” says NICHQ President and CEO Scott D. Berns, MD, MPH, FAAP. “While each disease is rare, together they affect nearly one in 10 people. And these individuals and their families deserve urgent interest from all of us working to improve health outcomes.”

Read Berns’ full article where he shares why he is personally and professionally invested in helping children with rare diseases reach their fullest health potential.

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Sickle Cell Disease as a Map for Change

Innovations in treatment and drug therapies have significantly improved health outcomes for those battling sickle cell disease, a rare blood disorder that causes excruciating pain episodes and disproportionately affects African American and Black individuals. These successes illustrate what's possible for rare disease care improvement. Below we share two strategies for change.

  1. Find out how the Health Belief Model can help more patients get the care they need by eliminating missed appointments, and join a network of patient, providers and advocates working to increase appointment attendance. Learn more
  2. Learn how Telementoring is increasing knowledgeable providers so that more sickle cell disease patients can receive expert care, regardless of where they live.
  3. Find strategies to better support young adults when transitioning to adult care, ultimately reducing complications and mortality rates during this high-risk period.   

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Tap a Powerful Partnership

Families affected by rare diseases are irreplaceable partners for systems improvement. More than anyone, they understand the difficulty of navigating complex health systems while trying to help children reach their optimal health.

Looking for examples that inspire family partnership? Read how a mother partner’s insight changed a quality improvement project and resulted in sustainable change; or learn about a mother who became an advocate for the sickle cell disease community, raising needed awareness to inspire improvement.

Be a Children's Health Change Agent

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