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Be a Children’s Health Champion

Speak Up For Those Most in Need

A webinar on leveraging Medicaid

Vulnerable children and families are often most in need of advocacy. We can’t speak up on their behalf unless we understand what resources can support them. Join NICHQ for a webinar where you’ll learn how Medicaid—which covers nearly half of all children under five—can be used to improve early childhood health and address disparities. This webinar will include a focus on helping families and community advocates understand and leverage Medicaid.

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Get Social, Inspire Change

Whether you’re trying to reduce infant mortality, increase exclusive breastfeeding rates, improve developmental outcomes, or promote services for children with complex healthcare needs, great graphics in social media can help you spread your message to your target audience. You can get started today by helping us get out the word about the importance of #SafeSleep messages. Click in for some easy-to-steal graphics you can use in your own social campaigns.

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Demystify Your Message

Let’s face it, children’s health issues can get complicated quickly. Spreading your message means making sure consumers, community members, the media and elected officials understand what you’re saying and why they should care. Here are five ways to un-complicate your message: 

  • Circulate clear fact sheets to target communities
  • Organize informational, public meetings at community gathering sites
  • Write to those your issue will most impact and share how they can help 
  • Submit editorial pieces to your local newspaper to raise awareness
  • Create an online community where you can answer questions and share information 

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Let's Work Together

Are you interested in using these change ideas to improve children’s health in a population, state or healthcare setting? Contact NICHQ to discuss our services that support: 

  • Strategies for identifying partners and getting buy-in
  • Tools used to track data and enhance collaboration 
  • Training on methods to support a culture of improvement 

From supporting individual organizations to national programs, NICHQ’s change management expertise helps us customize the best solution for you.