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It’s National Minority Health Month

Spark a National Outcry

While you may know about racial and ethnic health disparities, not everyone does. And driving change is going to take national momentum. Help spread the word with your networkcolleagues, friends and familyand spark a public outcry for change. To help, we’re sharing two resources:

Take a Step Toward Equity

In the past year, we’ve hosted three health equity webinars that reached thousands of people. Each webinar focused on actionable steps individuals can take to promote change, including:

Your feedback let us know how impactful the webinars were, and we are eager to plan our next event. In the meantime, if you missed a webinar, it’s not too late to watch! Access the video recording of all three webinars here.

Look to Those Most Affected to Lead

We can’t close the disparity gap without partnering with the people those disparities most affect. Their lived experiences make them experts on what needs to change. Engaging in authentic partnership means more than just listening to their voices though; it means making sure their ideas and knowledge lead improvement strategies.

Wondering where to start? If you’re not partnering with families of color, you’re missing an opportunity to pursue equity. Here are five strategies to tap today.

Be a Children's Health Change Agent

Like you, we have a shared passion for improving the health of every child in every state across the country. Join us in our mission. Take action to make a difference for children now and in the decades to come: 

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