Baby crawling

The Best Start for Baby’s Brain

Prioritize Baby Brain Food

Among the many benefits of breastfeeding for babies—reduced risk of diabetes, asthma, obesity, and some cancers, to name a few—is healthy brain development. Studies show that breastfeeding supports early neurodevelopment in both full and preterm populations, which sets the stage for future success at school and throughout life. Hospitals play a critical role in helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

Learn how two New York State hospitals shifted their culture to better support breastfeeding during a multi-year quality improvement initiative to improve infant nutrition and health.

Build Social Emotional Skills

During the early years of life, when neurons are rapidly firing, children’s social emotional skills are developing right alongside their cognitive capabilities. These skills are critical for their healthy future because they help children experience and express human emotions, empathize and get along with others, and build healthy relationships. In this short video, four experts define and explore social emotional development, and the impact of early relationships and experiences. 

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Explore in Safe Environments

Environmental toxins can adversely affect a child’s rapidly developing brain, beginning even before birth. Health improvement initiatives can set children on a course for a healthier future by promoting safe toxin-free environments where they can grow, learn and explore.

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