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Policy to Drive Change in 2020

In this policy update, we look at an important breastfeeding law passed over the summer, legislation to watch in the coming months, and insights on vital public programs and funding needs for fiscal year 2020. By working together towards a common aim, we can promote policies that help all children and families achieve their optimal health.

Maximize Medicaid Opportunities

Public health insurance programs cover nearly half of all children under five and are especially vital for vulnerable populations, including children living in poverty and children born with disabilities. Here, we share two resources for helping children’s health advocates make the most of Medicaid opportunities:

  1. Uncover opportunities to leverage Medicaid to transform pediatric care for young children to promote health, development and health equity. All opportunities stem from organizations and individuals identifying how Medicaid can improve children’s health and development.
  2. Share Caregiver Depression Fact Sheets with providers, policy makers and other key stakeholders, so that more people understand the vital role Medicaid plays in supporting families affected by caregiver depression  

Elevate Community Voices

Policy and program improvement are most effective when they’re informed by the voices of families and communities. Their lived experiences provide invaluable insight into system barriers that affect their health and well-being. Here, learn how New York State works with communities to ensure that community successes and challenges guide state policy and programs.  

Be a Children's Health Change Agent

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