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Leading change across the country

Working passionately alongside our partners for continuous improvement, we determine the best strategies, methods and tools to achieve measurable goals. Our work with multidisciplinary teamsfrom health professionals to community stakeholders and patients and familiesenables deep engagement that leads to transformative change in children’s health systems. Check out some of our featured projects below.
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Early Childhood Initiatives

NICHQ has five current initiatives focused on different aspects of early childhood systems. Visit our early childhood landing page to see how they intersect and NICHQ's role in the space. Learn more >

Promoting Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding

NICHQ leads a national effort to align medical professionals, parents and stakeholders to make safe infant sleep and breastfeeding the national norm. Learn more >

New York State Maternal and Child Health Collaboratives

NICHQ leads efforts to improve the care in New York’s perinatal care centers and create promising interventions to address challenges in current systems of care. Learn more >

Children and Youth with Epilepsy Evaluation

NICHQ provides evaluation skills and helps develop a data dashboard to test and monitor innovation and change ideas for the creation of a community-based care system for children and youth with epilepsy. Learn more >

Enhancing Children’s Vision Systems

NICHQ supports the development of comprehensive, coordinated approaches to children’s vision and eye health in three states.
Learn more >

Asthma and Tobacco Cessation

NICHQ is working with managed medical assistance plans in Florida to improve delivery of and reimbursement for comprehensive asthma control services, including tobacco cessation. Learn more >