Meet Our Team

Above all else we are passionate about children. Steadfast in our belief that it is their right to achieve optimal health, we endeavor to help solve the toughest health challenges facing children and their families today, and for the future. Our executive leadership, staff, improvement advisors and board of directors are tireless advocates, bringing their talent, skills and expertise to create transformative change in children’s health quality. Please refer to our contact information to get in touch with any of us by email, phone, or otherwise.

Executive Team

Scott D. Berns, MD, MPH, FAAP

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Scott Berns applies his extensive experience working to enhance the health of children and families across academic, clinical, nonprofit and public health settings to catapult NICHQ to explore new opportunities and approaches to meeting its mission. Read his full bio >


Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA

Chief Health Officer

As Chief Health Officer, Elizabeth Coté provides medical and public health leadership to NICHQ programs and advances the organization’s mission as a leader in children’s health. Read her full bio >

Judith Gooding

Chief Operating Officer

Judith Gooding brings nearly 30 years of nonprofit management and marketing experience to the Chief Operating Officer role, where she drives the vitality of the organization through her expert leadership of strategic planning, financial management, operations, people management and marketing solutions. Read her full bio >

Charles Ocitti, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Charles Ocitti provides oversight for all NICHQ financial matters. He leads a team responsible for financial accounting, planning and reporting—including government reporting and regulation compliance—to support the organization’s ability to achieve its mission. Read his full bio >



Ashidah Baker

Senior Human Resources Manager

I enjoy working for an organization that is focused on improving the healthcare systems for children and families. 

Brandee Benton

Brandee Benton

Human Resources Coordinator

I am passionate about improving healthcare systems for children and families. The work we do at NICHQ motivates and inspires me.

Camie Berardi

Camie Berardi, MPA

Director of Strategic Initiatives

I believe everyone, especially children, should have access to quality healthcare and it is a true privilege to work alongside bright, talented and devoted colleagues who are working tirelessly to ensure that every child achieves optimal health.

Matthew Biewener

Matthew Biewener, MPH

Senior Manager, Technology and Business Solutions

I feel privileged to work alongside such talented and passionate staff who endeavor each day to improve the systems that support the health of children and their families.

Avery Desrosiers

Avery Desrosiers, MPH

Project Specialist

The true experts are the families with lived experience. I am energized by projects that use a health equity lens to think critically about improving the systems that create health. I appreciate that our partnerships and methodologies center on the experience of children and their caretakers to reduce disparities.

Kelly Devlin

Kelley Devlin, MPH, RD

Senior Project Manager

I am inspired by the aim of each and every project that we work on. It's incredible to work with a group of such talented colleagues and I’m proud of what we accomplish together.

Courtney Evans Henke

Courtney Evans Henke

Senior Director of Development

I love working for an organization that endeavors to make sure all children have the opportunity to live a healthy life. I am inspired by the passion and expertise of my colleagues, and I am lucky to be able to support the expansion of NICHQ's impact.

Caitlin Forbes

Caitlin Forbes, MA

Communications Manager

I'm thrilled that I get to use my skills to support a forward-thinking organization committed to children’s health. It’s easy to be energized and excited when surrounded by like-minded, mission-driven people.

Amal Hechehouche

Amal Hechehouche

Project Specialist

Each day, I am energized by our work to support all children and families through population level efforts and partnerships. NICHQ's vital mission drives me to do my best work. I enjoy learning about quality improvement and how we can use small tests of change in any aspect of our lives to move towards a better tomorrow. 

Pat Heinrich

Pat Heinrich, RN, MSN, CLE

Executive Project Director

Born a preemie I was destined to work caring for and improving care for infants and families. I love coming to work in this action oriented environment.  John Kennedy said, “things do not happen things are made to happen” and at NICHQ we are a mighty force - we make it happen!

Amy Hu

Amy Hu, MBA

Accounting Analyst

Life is a journey of pursuing happiness. Quality health is part of a happy life. As an Accounting Analyst, I will apply my knowledge to produce quality work and support colleagues and teams to achieve their goals.

Don Hwang

Don Hwang

Senior Director of Finance

As a parent of two young kids, it brings me joy to work here, knowing that one day, together, we made the difference for all children to have better health and healthcare.

Leah Jardine

Leah Jardine, MA

Senior Project Manager

Knowing that NICHQ's work contributes to children and families achieving optimal health keeps me motivated and passionate about the work and the organization.

Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson, MSc

Senior Director of Programs

As a public health professional and a parent, I am passionate about improving systems to ensure that every child thrives.

Kirsten Klatka

Kirsten Klatka, MSW

Senior Project Manager

I work at NICHQ because of my aspiration to improve the lives of children and families. It is great to be a part of a team that shares this passion and excitement for making our healthcare system better for all people.

Barbara Lambiaso

Barbara Lambiaso, MSW, MPH

Project Manager

At NICHQ, I can contribute my skills to make a difference, support change and help improve the systems that directly impact the health and well-being of children and families. I am inspired by the people we collaborate with and the progress that is made each and every day.

Rachel Leibowitz

Rachel Leibowitz

Accounts Payable Coordinator

I have always had a strong passion to help those in need. It is truly an honor to be able to work for such an amazing company and to assist in accomplishing the goals set forth for the future of children’s healthcare.

Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy, MAIECD, MSMOB

Project Director

It is so exciting to work with a team of people who share my passion for working with children and families, and the understanding that epigenetics and early experiences provide the foundation for all future learning and development. By helping parents, families, and professionals implement small and simple changes, we all contribute to the future resiliency and success of children and families.

Emily O'Donnell

Emily O'Donnell, ScD, MS

Senior Analyst

As an epidemiologist and parent, I love using data and rigorous methods to improve the wellbeing of children and families.  I feel very lucky to be part of the NICHQ team, making a real impact on health outcomes and working with equally passionate people!

Amy Oppenheim

Amy Oppenheim

Development Manager

Helping to secure projects that positively impact children’s health, and knowing that those projects are in the hands of my passionate and expert NICHQ colleagues, keeps me coming to work every day with a smile! Also, sometimes there are bagels.

Suzette Oyeku

Suzette Oyeku, MD, MPH

Medical Advisor

Aviel Peaceman

Aviel Peaceman, MPH

Project Manager

I am passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of women, children, and families, especially for underserved populations across the country. Our work at NICHQ allows me to do just that by integrating quality improvement methods into public health programs. Our culture of teamwork and value for those we work with every day tops it off!

Samatha Riley

Samatha Riley, DrPH, MPH, MS

Senior Analyst

Knowing that what I do every day at work makes a small contribution to improve health systems and promote equitable health care access.

Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers, MPH

Project Manager

Being a part of the NICHQ team gives me the opportunity to learn something new everyday. From quality improvement science, to different health issues that affect our nation's children, I feel privileged to be part of a team that truly focuses on improving the health of all children and families.

Priscilla Rosati

Priscilla Rosati

Executive Assistant

I was inspired by the work and research NICHQ has done and continues to do to improve healthcare for children. NICHQ gives a voice to those who otherwise do not have one.

Becky Russell

Becky Russell, MSPH

Senior Director, Applied Research and Evaluation

My passion is utilizing the power of data to drive changes necessary for every child to have the opportunity to live a healthy life. I love working alongside other passionate professionals at NICHQ to help move us towards that goal equitably for everyone.

Emma Smizik

Emma Smizik, MPH

Associate Project Director

As a parent to two young boys, I understand how complex the healthcare system can be, and I want all children to have access to and receive the best possible care. I feel incredibly lucky to work for an organization committed to the health of children and their families.


Kim Sprunck, MSW, MPH

Associate Director of Programs

I am grateful to be a part of the dedicated program staff working to address challenging children’s health issues. I am specifically interested in NICHQ’s focus on addressing health equity and social determinants of health, as we work to reach our vision of optimal health for all children.

Karthi Streb

Karthi Streb

Project Director

I’m passionate about improving children’s health and NICHQ is moving that needle in a way that makes me proud to be part of the team.

Sandra Widland

Sandra Widland, MPH

Senior Project Manager

I work at NICHQ to provide a framework for and a lasting impact of improving children's health.

Improvement Advisors

Sue Butts-Dion

Sue Butts-Dion

Improvement Advisor

As President of Butts-Dion Consulting Inc., Sue Butts-Dion applies her more than 25 years of experience as an improvement advisor to many maternal and child health projects, including advising the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Strong Start initiative and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s EMPower Breastfeeding Collaborative. She has multiple publications and has provided expertise to state improvement programs along the east coast, including programs in Maine, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Frances Griffin

Frances Griffin, RRT, MPA

Improvement Advisor | Project Director

Fran Griffin, a registered respiratory therapist, is an independent consultant and improvement advisor. She also is a faculty member at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Griffin has worked in healthcare for over 25 years, focusing on patient safety, quality improvement and innovation. She co-developed the IHI Global Trigger Tool, as well as numerous articles related to patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare.

Virginia Hamilton Crowe

Virginia (Ginna) Hamilton Crowe, RN, EdD

Improvement Advisor

Virginia (Ginna) Leigh Hamilton Crowe, principal for Hamilton Consulting, LLC, is an experienced nurse, adult educator and quality management consultant. Crowe has over 30 years’ of practice in many areas and multiple levels of healthcare, ranging from care delivery to management and international consulting. Crowe is well versed in quality improvement theory and is especially intrigued with systems thinking and human relationships.

Jane Taylor Improvement Advisor

Jane Taylor, EdD, MBA, MHA

Improvement Advisor

Jane Taylor is a learning and improvement advisor for healthcare, manufacturing and education. She brings more than 30 years of experience supporting patient and family engagement, and collaborative learning and improvement. Taylor has served as a hospital CEO and a quality improvement professional, and has published articles on rapid cycle change, the role of middle management in transformation and the art of using questions to drive transformation.

Board of Directors


Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, PhD, MPA-URP

Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, and Director of the Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia is Samuel F. and Rose B. Gingold Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, and Director of the Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University. Her research focuses on the social determinants (e.g. residential segregation, neighborhood inequality, immigrant adaptation) of racial/ethnic inequities in health; the role of social policies (e.g. housing policies, immigrant policies) in reducing those inequities; and the health and wellbeing of children with special needs.

Board of Directors - Patrick Conway

Patrick Conway, MD

President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Patrick Conway, MD, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, is passionate about quality improvement for children and families. As a former Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Deputy Administrator, Conway was well known as a catalyst at CMS for leading the transition to value-based care. Conway is also a practicing pediatric hospitalist.


Sean Gleeson, MD, MBA

Vice President of Community Health & Wellness at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Sean Gleeson, MD, MBA, is the vice president of Community Health and Wellness for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and president for Partners for Kids, the hospital’s affiliated accountable care organization.


Beth Hurley, MBA

Human Resources Director, Simmons College

Beth Hurley has decades of experience as a human resources professional at a variety of mission based organizations. She currently works at Simmons College on the Human Resources team. Hurley is also chair of the NICHQ board of directors.

Calvin B Johnson

Calvin B. Johnson, MD, MPH

Founder and Principal of Altre Strategic Solutions Group

Calvin B. Johnson, MD, MPH, is the founder and principal of Altre Strategic Solutions Group, a strategic consulting firm focused on data-driven healthcare policy, care delivery and population health management. Previously, Johnson was the executive vice president and chief medical officer for Corizon Health; executive vice president and chief medical officer for MinSec Companies; and the vice president and chief medical officer of Temple University Health System.


Scott O’Gorman

Consultant, The Concept Group

Scott O’Gorman most recently served as president of Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan (BMCHP), a managed care organization committed to ensuring quality health coverage and services for underserved populations. With 15 years of experience in Massachusetts, BMCHP, under O’Gorman’s leadership, expanded that mission into New Hampshire in 2013.


Gina Pola-Money

Director of Utah Family Voices Family to Family Health Information Center

Gina Pola-Money is the director of Utah Family Voices Family to Family Health Information Center in partnership with the Utah Parent Center. She also works with the Utah Bureau of Children with Special Health Care Needs and the Utah Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental Disabilities as a family leadership director.


Michal Regunberg

Principal at MR Associates

Michal Regunberg is an award-winning communications professional with a successful track record in public relations, government and community relations, academia and journalism. Most recently she served as senior vice president at Solomon McCown & Company where she provided senior strategic counsel to the healthcare and mission-focused clients.


Gregory Serrao

Founder and Chairman, President and CEO Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care (Thrive)

Gregory Serrao is the founder and Chairman, President and CEO of Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care (Thrive), a provider of pediatric home care services to medically fragile children. Prior to Thrive, Serrao founded American Dental Partners, Inc. (ADPI), and served as the company's Chief Executive Officer and President and a Director for twenty years. In July, 2015, Serrao transitioned from CEO and President to Executive Chairman of ADPI and currently is Chairman of ADPI.

Board of Directors - Elsie Taveras

Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH

Chief of the Division of General Academic Pediatrics and the Executive Director of the Kraft Center for Community Health at Massachusetts General Hospital

Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH, is a well-known pediatrician and childhood obesity researcher with extensive experience and passion for understanding social determinants of health and developing interventions across the life course to prevent obesity and chronic diseases, especially in underserved populations. Taveras is the chief of the Division of General Academic Pediatrics and the executive director of the Kraft Center for Community Health at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is also professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and professor in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Wendy Warring, JD

Senior Vice President of Network Development & Strategic Partnerships at Boston Children’s Hospital

Wendy Warring, JD, is senior vice president of Network Development and Strategic Partnerships at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is responsible for developing strategies and executing operational initiatives to strengthen relationships between Boston Children’s and primary care physicians, hospital systems, and other providers locally, regionally, and nationally.


Joseph Wright, MD, MPH

Professor and Chairman of Pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine

Joseph Wright, MD, MPH, is a professor and the chairman of Pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC. He previously served as senior vice president for Community Affairs at Children's National Medical Center, where he provided strategic leadership for the organization’s advocacy mission, public policy positions and community partnership initiatives.